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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

We are SOOO Happy!

Pet Name: SilverMoonPup, SaphireMew, Sparkling_Flare, FlufferNutterz
Owner: Flareon0301
Breed: Lupe, Shoyru, Zafara, Cybunny

About SilverMoonPup, SaphireMew, Sparkling_Flare, FlufferNutterz:

SliverMoonPup: Hi everyone, I'm SilverMoonPup, The oldest of the 4 pets my owner has. Flare has been so nice to us, ever since the first day I was born and put into her care! She loved me very much and raised me well, my level may not be very high but I am very intellegent(along with the other pets in her care) Flareon bought us many books, she doesn't play favorites. I live in the mountain forests in Colorado! it gets cold up there but we live. I love playing with SaphireMew because I've been with him the longest. I help the other two pets learn the "do's and don't's" of the forest here. I got my name from the way I look under a Full Moon's light, A bluish/silvery color appears on my fur!

SaphireMew: Hiya everyone! I'm saphiremew, The second oldest of Flare's 4 pets. My owner got me because SMP started getting lonely. SMP was napping by the fireplace when Flareon Walked in the house carrying me in her arms. When SMP woke up at the sound of footsteps comming in the house and saw me she got very excited! At first I was afraid of the big Canine, But SMP was unlike all the others I'd met before, She was really nice to me, she shared her toys and some of her chocolates with me, she read me some of her books and taught me how to read them myself too! She took me out into the forest and showed me some of her favorite places to visit. I have always loved living with SMP and Flareon0301.

Sparkling_Flare: Hey peoples! I'm Sparkling Flare, The third oldest neopet in our family. I came here because flare was looking through the pets and thought the Zafara breed was really cute, she named me Sparkling_Flare because of my shining yellow fur and the Flare came because that was her nickname and she was my owner. I came home to find out that I had two older pets to play with, SaphireMew came to Greet me when we walked in, we started talking and becoming friends very soon, Flareon introduced me to SMP and told me that she was to be the "Alpha" Neopet in the house, I had no problem with that, as long as I had a loving family to stay with I was happy, SaphireMew and SilverMoonPup started Teaching me things from day 1. I listened to them Attentively and Patiently as they explained different things to me. I think this is the best family in the world to live with, the environment is very pretty too!

FlufferNutterz: Hello, I'm FlufferNutterz,(ya ya weird name, I know) Flareon found me in the forest they lived in, I was abandoned one day by a careless owner who didn't want to "waste" any Neopoints on Putting me in the Neopound so they just let me free and told me to leave them alone. I was very lonely and living in the wild was hard. But one sunny day SilverMoonPup sniffed her way to my Burrow and found me, I was sleeping and the only one who could reach me was Sparkling_Flare. She came down my Burrow tunnel and nudged me awake, "Why are you still sleeping on such a sunny day?" she asked me. I looked at the young Zafara and replied "I dunno, I have nothing else to owner abandoned me, besides this is the safest place I could be!" The little Zafara's Eyes lit up, "no it isn't!" she said excitedly "Come live with me and my family, our owner is very caring and would never abandon or mistreat us!" I came out of my burrow hesitantly, following the zafara, outside a big Lupe and a Shoyru were waiting for the zafara. The two pets looked at me as the zafara explained my story to them, the Lupe told me to come with them back to their house. Flareon was waiting on the porch for them, She looked at me in aww, the pets told her about my past and she agreed to take me in. Since then my life has been happy.

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