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Random Contest Winners!

Every week or so we have a new Random Contest. The rules and events vary from competition to competition. Below are the winners from the last contest. If you'd like to enter the current contest, wander on over to the Random Contest submission form and have a look at what the currently silly task is. If you think you're up for it, give it a shot and submit your entry.

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Neopian Hobbies

Create your own NP items based on your Neopets' favourite hobbies!

First Place

Twelve winners receive the Random Contest avatar, 15,000 NP and an item of DOOM.

Petpet Trainer
by _snarflax_
Inspire your Petpets to go above and beyond as a Petpet trainer! Amaze your Neofriends when your Petpets learn astounding new tricks. In this scene you can observe a perfectly balanced Puppyblew and Yooyu rolling maneuver, a persistent Rock determined to jump the hurdle, a Weewoo contributing an uplifting melody, an encouraging Slorg, a disobedient Spardel (still in training of course), and a smug Kadoatie overlooking their progress from a distance.

Photography buddies
by carmyyyyy
Photography is a hobby for Bevrele and Locroen and they are passionate about it. Nature photography, especially, inspired them the way to appreciate and learn the nature's beauty. They have always dreamed to carry a camera all of the time, to remind people of their fascination with photography. I'd love to have the mountainside sunset be made into an item or a handheld camera. Or even a camera around their neck, in order to have more choices of a camera for my Neopets to enjoy photography.

Symphony Of Life
by chantili_doce
It is a shame to have a saxophonist Neopet and there aren't any customizable saxophone for him! I tried to do an art with some of no current customizable musical instruments like, the electronic keyboard and the cello. Also, I think a Orchestra Backdrop would be perfect for any musician Neopet in Neopia!

Nothing like the studio life
by helpstamp
During her spare time, Leya loves to paint. Diving into a new painting and completely losing track of the time! Wearable Items: Painter's palette, Painting on Easel, Paintbrush, Painter's smock, Hair with paint brushes, Art studio background

by luckie_munky
I'd love to see a dripping piping bag handheld accessory and freshly frosted cake counter foreground.

Geek Haven
by narutoluvr935
Have you noticed a distinct lack of tech in Neopia's fashion? Do you want to express your inner gamer and geek? Look no further! With the geek haven pack, you get all the previously-missing essentials to geekdom. Now your pet can play their favorite games on their mobile phone AND their home computer! They have their own desk decked out with fancy RGB color gadgets and food essentials, and a comfortable chair they can groove into when getting that Turmac Roll high score. To top it all off, the set comes with every geek's innermost desire: a full action figure collection, neatly aligned on a display shelf!

Neopia's Top Gamer
by rabbitguns
Taiyung's favorite thing to do in Neopia is playing games: from Nimmo's Pond to Math's Nightmare, they're his favorite way to pass time! In these customizations, Taiyung takes a dive into the worlds of some of his favorite games. You can also see Taiyung in his gaming room, surrounded by toys and trophies - rate his gaming setup?

Zairikia and Her Cosplay Dresses
by rocksysmom
Zairikia isn't the best at it, but her favorite hobby in the world is sewing her own cosplay outfits! From behind her pattern drafting table with two unfolded patterns, she is showing off her handmade Soup Faerie, Jhudora, and Vira outfits on her dress forms. I would love to see any of those outfits as wearables!! But, I know that's way too much effort, so dress forms or the pattern drafting table would be cool too!!

Extreme Potato Counting
by roxi2rox
APotatoWedge's favourite way to spend a Saturday arvo is over in Meridell, counting potatoes. Not just any potatoes, EXTREME potatoes! APotatoWedge would like a flying potato foreground, as pictured here, so that she can count potatoes all day everyday. The full quality graphic can be found at /~APotatoWedge

Titan Takes to the Skies!
by talky_toon
Ever since he was a cub, Titan has always dreamt of being able to fly. Sadly since Kougra's don't have wings... he had to find an alternative. Instead he discovered the wonderful world of aviation! From planes, to hot air balloons.. He's done it all! The only problem is.... There are no airplane foregrounds for pets. Oddly enough there are existing flight related clothes such as jackets, helmets and scarfs... but nothing for them to actually fly in. So hot air balloons were a nice alternative for a while. These were a few ideas I had that I think could have lots of potential. The first one being the background. I had lots of fun making it and I think it turned out beautifully. Just imagine the amazing customizations people could come up with for this background! It would look absolutely stunning on faerie and flying pets, and would pair nicely with so many existing foregrounds and showers! Cloud and sky related backgrounds are always popular amongst the users too. ;) The second and probably the most important item in this picture: The Airplane itself! The plane would be zoned as a lower foreground item the pet would sit halfway in. Like I mentioned before, there are no airplane related foregrounds or backgrounds yet... So adding something like this would be awesome! I think it would be great to see more lower foreground items that pets could sit in/ on in the future. (Such as rocket ships, boats, cars, carriages, ect.) Finally the skydiving Warf:I mainly added this just to fill out the background. But isn't it adorable? This could be zoned as a higher foreground item/ side trinket. It could also be an idea for a Warf Rescue daily dare prize in the future... Who knows? :) Wont you please consider helping Titan achieve his dream of flying?

Uni Not-so Wild West pack
by x_girlii
Recently I made my childhood dream come true by finally taking horseback riding classes. Riding horses is fun, but can you imagine going on an adventure with your Uni? This Uni is all dressed up for the ultimate (not so wild) West experience. Yee haw!

Luveitie at the Neofit Studio
by xshadowbabe
Here's a scene of my starry Lutari doing her favorite workout at the gym! In the background is a mirrored wall, so she can see what she is doing. From the ceiling is a punching bag. Immediately in front of it is an exercise ball. She's standing on a yoga mat, on top of which is also a yoga block so she can do her stretches more easily. She's holding a dumbbell and a water bottle, and wearing a sporty outfit comprised of a moisture-wicking T-Shirt, yoga pants, anti-slip socks and a matching hair scrunchy. PS: Even if I don't win, it would be really cool to see some fitness related items in the future!

Second Place

Twelve lucky people have 10,000 NP, the Random Contest avatar and an item whizzing their way.

Playing the zither by the lake
by amyerita5
One of Biyue's favorite things to do is to play her Shenkuu zither. Here, she is playing a song against the backdrop of a misty mountain lake. The zither is such a beautiful instrument, and I'd love to see it as a lower foreground item!

The Skull Collector
by asphydel
Deep in the misty forests, a lone Mutant Gelert prowls around the dark cave he calls home. Littered about on the ground lies piles of bones and skulls, all meticulously cleaned and cared for. He loves collecting forgotten and decaying skulls and often restores them and turns them into masks to wear! Adding decorations such as feathers and leaves from the forest, each one is unique - a wearable piece of art! More than anything, he wants to show his love and appreciation for his beloved skulls by wearing one in his customizations! So I present to you, dear TNT, the Mutant Skull Mask! I've sketched a couple of examples showing different horn types, but there are many other styles that can be used too! Whatever the style though, they should be wrapped in several places with twine and adorned with beads, feathers or small bones to show the wild nature of the piece. The eye sockets would probably work best blacked out, but maybe a creepy red or purple glow would look cool as well. Additional holes, cracks, fangs, horns or spikes would also add to the aesthetic. This is something I've wanted since I created the pet (Skeabost, he's adorable!) and I would be so very absolutely thrilled if your art team would bring this to life so Skea could show off a piece of his collection. And let's face it, how many pets out there have such a unique hobby, eh??

Zurroball Background
by dark_shadow202020
Zurroball is one of my favourite games, so I'd love to see a Zurroball related background. Some of the details it could include: - A metallic border to make it look like you're in a space station. - A window that looks out into space, with various stars twinkling, or perhaps Kreludor and/or Neopia floating by in the distance. - But most importantly you have to draw the purple Grundo in a spacesuit rotating and/or bouncing around the space station. I think it would be funny to see him bounce in and out of frame with that look of surprise on his face. Thank you!

Coffee time
by daveandbaltoro
The Coffee Cave in the Roo Island is good. However, it is too far from Terror Mountain! Therefore, my Bori Baltoro would brew his own coffee at home in his leisure time! He chooses the coffee beans with fruity aroma and mild bitterness. Putting them in to hand coffee grinder and enjoying the music of coffee beans. After pouring hot water, a cup of freshly ground coffee is ready! Baltoro will drink it while he is reading.

Kauboy Energy
by defruited
What my neopet, Kauwdy, really needs to complete his kauboy look is a fancy bolo tie. The kauboy energy is being constrained by lack of bolo. I know the deserted town background has a tumbleweed but I would love a tumbleweed foreground item to slowly careen across the screen too.

Cooking Omelettes
by felipezds
My Xweetok Livts loves spending time in the kitchen cooking omelettes. He's got a full gallery of them and is always creating new recipes. So I would love to see an Omelette Cooking Counter Foreground inspired by my drawing.

Crystalized Collections Background
by goremeta
Kionea the witch collecting anything pretty. but she prefer collect living things. like plants, petpetpets, petpets..even a pretty neopets! (I see a Blumaroo over there.) her poor collections are taking eternal sleep in giant magical crystals in her chamber. now, she is hooked on new hobby. a collecting Faeries. did you hear the sulky cries from these giant crystals too?

Never Miss a Chance to Bash Kass
by kuroneko_kitty
Silver the Lupe is a loyal Meridellian, and as such his favorite hobby is a good game of Kass Basher. He works diligently towards the goal of improving his score, and would love to get some practice in at home. The items pictured here are a Kass Basher Tree foreground (optionally animated!) and the famous Kass Basher Bat- essential for getting an avatar-worthy score!

Kazeriu Dance Draik
by otakuchu315
Koray the Draik loves to spend her time partaking in one of her favorite activities in Shenkuu: Kazeriu Dancing! Controlling its movements with the rod, Koray enjoys making the beautiful and majestic Kazeriu swirl and dance through the skies. I was inspired by Chinese dragon dancers when designing the outfit. I would really love to see the Kazeriu Dance outfit, the Kazeriu Dance figure/puppet, or the Kazeriu Dance Makeup as an item on the site

Ipeao Loves Stocks
by redturtlegirl12345
This is Ipeao, the Pea Chia. His name is a play on IPO, short for initial public (and maybe pea) offering, which is the process of a private company going public. He loves investing in the Neopian Stock Market by buying and selling stocks, and is always trying to make an extra Neopoint or two (million). He spends his days analyzing market data and forecasting trends in his office, and using his trusty stockbroker phone to make trades. His best friend is Nigel the Chia, with whom he's worked out a lower, 10 NP commission rate instead of the usual 20 NP per transaction. Don't ask how he was able to negotiate - he's just THAT good.

Mendosus at the Forge
by spyfox207
Mendosus picked up blacksmithing as a hobby some time ago and has become quite skilled at crafting metal into tools or artwork. Here he can be seen where he can usually be found, focused on some project in his forge with his captive shadow wraith petpet, Faulty, observing him work. There is actually a forge BG on the site, but I'd really like to see some blacksmithing tools that aren't species-specific wearables so Mendosus is able to always be ready to work! Tongs holding onto glowing metal, a hammer and anvil, or other smithing tools would be really cool to see. Mendosus would absolutely love to have his wraith perched on his shoulder too.

by vrine
I love playing the ocarina, its such a beautiful instrument and comes in so many types! I like to play the 12-hole, but I think ocarinas on necklaces, like the 6-hole, are really cute. I would love to have Neopets holding ocarinas, and wearing them around their necks!

Third Place

Lastly there were 33 runners-up who will each receive 5,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar.

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