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Tyrannian Styles

Tyrannians may not be known for their style, but they aren't entirely without it. If you happen to be in possession of an elusive Tyrannian Paint Brush, a quick visit to the Rainbow Pool will have your pet blending in with the native Tyrannians in no time. This colour is all the rage now, you know?

We're always adding more so keep checking back to see the latest Tryannian styles.

Tyrannian Acara

Tyrannian Aisha

Tyrannian Blumaroo

Tyrannian Bori

Tyrannian Chia

Tyrannian Cybunny

Tyrannian Draik

Tyrannian Elephante

Tyrannian Eyrie

Tyrannian Flotsam

Tyrannian Gnorbu

Tyrannian Ixi

Tyrannian Jetsam

Tyrannian JubJub

Tyrannian Kacheek

Tyrannian Kau

Tyrannian Koi

Tyrannian Korbat

Tyrannian Kougra

Tyrannian Krawk

Tyrannian Lenny

Tyrannian Lupe

Tyrannian Meerca

Tyrannian Moehog

Tyrannian Mynci

Tyrannian Nimmo

Tyrannian Peophin

Tyrannian Poogle

Tyrannian Quiggle

Tyrannian Scorchio

Tyrannian Shoyru

Tyrannian Skeith

Tyrannian Techo

Tyrannian Tuskaninny

Tyrannian Uni

Tyrannian Usul