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The Krawk Island Deckball Championships

The championships are now over, and good times were had by all!
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Week One : Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday
Week Two : Monday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

Week Two - The Finals

The Championship Match:
Mr. Roboto vs. Electric Blue Monkey

At long last, the moment everyone has been waiting for... after two weeks of slugging it out aboard the S.S. Deckball, it was finally time to award The Krawk Island Cup. Who would emerge victorious? Would it be Mr. Roboto, who cruised through League One in stunning fashion, only to struggle in beating back challanges from Mr. Insane and Blind Justice? Or would Electric Blue Monkey, who advanced by defeating C-Dawg and J. Boogie, succeed in his quest for The Cup?

Once the action began, the participants set a furious pace as they battled back and forth. Mr. Roboto scored almost immediately to take an early 2-0 lead. Despite some golden opportunities, Electric Blue Monkey was unable to respond, as many of his shots bounced just wide of the goal. Then, after weathering EBM's attack, Roboto added a pair of quick goals at the two and a half minute mark. Despite being down 4-0 early, Electric Blue Monkey realised there was plenty of time to come back, so he settled into a more conservative mode. However, Roboto's superior ball movement and unfailing accuracy were unstoppable, so by the time Roboto had tacked on his seventh goal, it looked as if the rout were on.

Undaunted by the fact he was down 7-0, Electric Blue Monkey stormed out to score the first goal of the second half. But just as he started to gain some momentum, Mr. Roboto responded with a goal of his own. The action was much tighter in the second frame, as Roboto relied on impeccable defence to protect his hefty lead. With time continuing to slip away, EBM knew that he couldn't afford to trade goals with Roboto; and yet, every time Electric Blue Monkey scored, Roboto would patiently wait for his chance, then respond. Despite outscoring Roboto 4-3 in the second period, Electric Blue Monkey was unable to overcome the huge defecit he'd built up in the first half. And so, by virtue of his 11-3 victory over Electric Blue Monkey, Mr. Roboto was awarded this year's Krawk Island Cup.

Congratulations, Mr. Roboto!