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The Krawk Island Deckball Championships

The championships are now over, and good times were had by all!
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Over the next two weeks, Krawk Island will be hosting a massive Deckball Tournament. The prize money and trophy are so big that 40 members of the Neopets Team have decided to venture all the way to the island to compete!

The Krawk Island Cup

All the matches will actually be played for real (in the office) between the Neopets staff. You will have a chance to guess who you think is going to win before we start the competition. When the championship has ended, each person who chose the winner will win a trophy!

Game Rules

Each game will be a 2-player game of Deckball using the normal Deckball (not the ping pong or cannonball). Random events will be switched to 'Often'. The games will last five minutes each. After the five minutes are up the winner will be the player with the most goals.

If the game is tied in the leagues stage, it counts as a draw. If the game is tied in the qualifying round or later then a 'golden goal' rule will apply where a new game is started and the winner is the first person to score.

In the league stage, if two people are drawn for points we will use the difference in goals to find a winner (the number of goals scored minus the number of goals conceded). If the two players have the same goal difference then the player with the most number of goals scored overall wins.

Tournament Structure

The fourty players will be randomly drawn into 7 leagues with 6 players in each (two of the leagues will have 5 players instead of 6). Each person will then play everybody else in the same league one time only, scoring 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.

After all games have been played, the top two people from each league, and the two best runners up will qualify for the next round (the Knockout round).

Leagues -> Knockout -> Quarter-Finals -> Semi-Finals -> Final

The knockout round has 16 players, 8 matches in total. These matches are randomly drawn. Winners proceed to the quarter finals, then the semi finals, and then the final. Losers from each stage are knocked out.

Knockout Example

This an example of how the knockout rounds will be played. Each match is one-on-one, and there can only be one winner.

Good Luck!!!