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So You Want to be a Petpetsitter

by aakheperkare


SOMEONE'S NEOHOME - So you need some extra Neopoints? Can't afford that rare stamp you have been after? Need a bit more cash to get your hands on that best selling book. What you need is a job. Now you could head over to Faerie City and check out the Employment Agency, I hear they have some 'go and fetch' jobs on offer. However there is another way. Ever considered doing some Petpetsitting?

How simple, go to someone's Neohome, eat all the food in their fridge and lounge on their comfy sofa. Oh and make sure that the petpets are well looked after. Sounds easy? Think again. Petpetsitting is a rewarding job but it's not quite as simple as it might seem. This article is a look at Petpetsitting and what it involves. Starting with the money.

The amount of Neopoints that you get from a job will completely depend on the type of Neopian, the amount of Neopoints they have to give away and how many petpets you are actually looking after. Generally it ranges from around 400 Neopoints to 800 Neopoints, 1000 if you're really lucky. Mad Mrs. Williams is famous for flashing her cash and so if you get the chance to Petpetsit for her then your likely to make quite a few Neopoints That is if you do a good job. Leave the Neohome in a mess, flowerpots turned and mess on the carpet and you probably wont get as many Neopoints as you were planning on. The same goes if you don't tend to the needs of the little petpets, they may not be able to speak but anyone knows when their Feepit hasn't been fed or their Babaa didn't get their time out to play. On the other hand, do a good job, keep all the petpets looked after and the Neohome clean, and you will be able to buy that special edition Usuki doll in no time.

As I said to earn the Neopoints you need, you are going to have to do a good job. How hard can it be to look after a couple of petpets you might be thinking? Well first of all don't think that it will be just a couple. A pet may only be able to hold one petpet at a time but that doesn't mean their owners don't have some more in their Neohome According to one of my Neofriends he had to look after 10 petpets in one Neohome, apparently the owner was an avid petpet collector. Imagine that many petpets around a home, it's bound to end in disaster. Luckily you're very unlikely to end up with that many petpets but you need to be prepared. So what exactly will you be doing whilst looking after the petpets?

Petpets are famed for their inability to speak to their neopet owners. That makes conversation between the two pretty dull. However petpets do have the capacity to express their needs. Yes, they don't spend the whole day making a ghastly moaning noise and making their eyes glow a different colour. Petpets do in fact have needs and wants. They need to sleep, play, eat and of course use the bathroom. And if you're looking after a Robot Petpet it may need a little maintenance if there is a circuit problem. The bad part of this is that they can't do it themselves, obviously, or they wouldn't need a Petpetsitter in the first place. So you're going to be spending a lot of your time racing between rooms, the kitchen, then the bathroom and the bedroom. It's a lot of hard work, especially when you have lots of Petpets to deal with. It can be quite exhausting. So make sure if you are going to take up Petpetsitting as a job that you are ready and fully prepared. Not that even the most prepared are always going to stop those little accidents.

Emergency, emergency, somebody's made a little mess. It isn't quite that serious but it can happen to any Petpetsitter. Don't forget to guide your little friends to the bathroom when it is needed or you will end up with a little puddle to get rid of. That's where your mop is very handy; never leave for a job without it. The mop is your friend and becomes very useful when you need to clean up mess made by a petpet. Thank goodness that's the only kind of accident to worry about.

Think again. Petpets are active little things and if you don't let them out to play they might just do it indoors. That's not a good thing when there is a lot of expensive furniture about. Unfortunately it is very difficult to make breakable items safe from energetic Petpets so you need to be on the look out. Watch your wandering chums, particularly when near fragile items. The last thing you want to be worrying about is a broken flowerpot or a cracked vase. And if an accident like this does occur? Sweep it up and start trying to think of an excuse to tell Mrs. Williams when she gets back. Sorry but I can't help you on this one, your going to have to try and find your own way out of it.

Finally, all the petpets are asleep. Totally silence, no creature stirring, not even a Psimouse. You can finally relax on the sofa and read your book. Maybe have a few of those Kiwi Cookies that Mrs. Williams left in the kitchen for you. It's time to reflect on the day, it wasn't quite as easy as you thought it was going to be. At least you know that you're going to get your Neopoints at the end of the day. It makes the job worthwhile. Only a few more nights Petpetsitting and you will be able to get your hands on that Von Roo Plushie in no time. Just a few more nights and then the madness will be other. Well until you need to save up for something else of course.

So there you have it, Petpetsitting. Certainly a rewarding job but not without the effort. If you don't think you can do it then Faerie City is always waiting. Put a little bit of effort and preparation in to it and you could go far, Mrs. Williams might even try and get you every week. Just think of the number of Von Roo Plushies you could buy with that sort of money.

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