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Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part Four

by chipster33


"Now Pishicu, it has come for my time to ask you another question, but I have a better idea," Terskun said slyly.

      "What?" Pishicu asked, scooting her black glasses up and staring fixedly on her little brother. He was wearing a toothy grin and his eyes looked creepier than an Asparagus Chia.

      "Instead of asking a question, I'll allow you to ask me three and after that I get to request something of you and you have to carry it out for me. It's nothing bad, I promise. Okay?"

      Pishicu thought about it for a little bit, decided it sounded like an okay deal, and finally nodded her head in agreement.

      "Great! Now, your questions!" Terskun said, a smile lingering on his scaly lips.

      "What are Eternity Orbs?" Pishicu asked.

      "Eternity Orbs are a thing each member who joins the Wisdom Council receives. In a special magical ceremony, they become connected to the orbs. As long as the orbs exist, the creature connected to the orbs exists. These are only used when every pet or Faerie member of the Wisdom Council, or past members who worked with them, agrees that another member of the opposite species has become corrupt or unable to do the job. That is when all five members gather in a circle and perform an ancient chant and smash the Eternity Orb of the unfit. However, you can't just do this to anyone. The orbs know whether someone is worthy to disappear or not, and if the person you're trying to get rid of is not really unfit, it won't work."

      "I see... Oh, and if all of you pets disappeared then the Faeries should have elected more pets to be put on the Wisdom Council. Why haven't they? They could've gotten a few evil pets?"

      Fedle chuckled at the question. "If they did that they would have to share power!" he exclaimed.

      "Quite right. Now, would you really think they would want to do that?" Terskun inquired.

      Pishicu frowned, the evil Faeries probably wouldn't.

      "The last question?" Terskun persisted impatiently.

      The Poogle bit her lip, then looked at him firmly and slightly annoyed. "Yeah, how come you hardly ever spoke to me or Chipster? I mean, you obviously have no trouble talking now! Chipster did get a little worried about that you know, thinking that there was something wrong with you or you didn't like her or something!"

      Terskun looked at his scaly toes uncomfortably. "I'm terribly sorry about that," he finally murmured. "I didn't mean to make Chipster uncomfortable, it's just the members of the Wisdom Council, or the ones who know about it, are supposed to take a vow of silence to all of those except the Faerie Queen and others who know about it. I wasn't even supposed to talk to Chipster all the times I did. It's risky, you know, telling people about something as important as that. That's why we have to keep it secret, that's why I couldn't tell anyone..."

      "That's dumb."

      "Well I didn't make the rules up. Now, for my request," Terskun said with a grin. "You must tell Chipster I went for a walk or I went to stay at a friends house or something while I'm gone--"

      "While you're gone? What do you mean--"

      "And you must not go with us!" continued the Draik.

      "W-what? You mean you're leaving? Where? Why?" Pishicu asked, her eyes wide with fury. "B-but you can't leave! At least not without me! I'm involved now!"

      "You're not involved with anything, except for being a nosy Poogle. I just answered your questions so you'd tell me what I wanted to know. If I could, I'd wipe your memory, but unfortunately I don't know that kind of magic. So now, dear sister, I depart from you!" Terskun said with a grin as he started flapping his wings.

      "WHAT? Hey, come back here! I'm gonna tell Chipster on you!" Pishicu screamed so loud that a tiny crack formed in her glasses.

      "Uh-uh-uh! We had a deal!" Terskun said happily as he fluttered just out of her reach. "But if you don't like it, I could just freeze you again and dump you somewhere until my business is over."

      Pishicu snarled; Terskun was obviously a hopeless cause.

      "FEDLE! Tell Terskun I can go with you!" Pishicu said as she rounded off towards the Cybunny.

      His silver eyes really did express a look of sympathy, but he still replied, "Sorry Miss Pishicu, I respect Master Terskun's agreement with you." He then fluttered into the air as well.

      "C'mon Fedle, it's about time we got the others. Let's go!" Terskun cried as he took off into the night through the window, closely followed by Fedle.

      Pishicu glared at them as they started to get farther, and farther away. She had made up her mind. The Poogle pushed her glasses further up on her nose and ran into the kitchen and scrolled down a note to Chipster and placed it on the table.

      Dear Chipster,

      I suppose I was a little mean to Terskun at first, so I have decided to take him on a little trip for today so we can grow closer. I'm sure it will be terrific fun!


      "You said I couldn't go with you, but you never said anything about me following you, Terskun," she mumbled under her breath.

      Then Pishicu darted into the Living Room, and started tossing aside the pillows on the couch.

      "C'mon Sparkle, c'mon Beelika, I know you guys are around her somewhere..." Pishicu whispered to herself as she checked under the couch. "There you are!" The Strawberry Poogle reached under the couch and pulled out a very disgruntled Dragoyle.

      "Wuh? Pishicu, what are you doing?" Sparkle managed to scribble on his notepad, his writing sloppy and his eyes unfocused.

      "No time to explain! Where's Beelika?" Pishicu hissed.

      "Huh? Beelika? She's up there," Sparkle wrote as he pointed up to the desk in the corner where the White Weewoo was snoozing in an open drawer.

      "Good, now go get her," Pishicu ordered.

      The Dragoyle looked perplexed, but he flew up to get the Weewoo anyway, afraid Pishicu might go on a temper tantrum again.

      Finally both of the sleepy petpets were on the ground.

      "Now, can you please explain what's going on?" Sparkle scrawled on his pad with a large yawn.

      "Brrrflp," Beelika agreed promptly.

      Pishicu sighed. "I don't have time. I just want you two to do me a favor, I'll give you both chocolate pie when we come home."

      The two petpets perked up immediately. Chocolate pie was worth anything the Poogle might ask of them.

      "As you wish," Sparkle scrawled on the pad with a bow.

      "AAAIIIEEEEEEEE!" Beelika screamed with delight.

      "Good, now this is what you have to do..."



      "Urgh! Scccrp brrrrfffllp duggle groooo, yusssur wuwulk... URGH! For someone who's barely two feet tall, you sure are heavy Pishicu...," Sparkle said in the petpet tongue. Every bone in his tiny dragon body ached, and his wings were so tired from they felt like they were about to fall off.

      "Brrflp!" Beelika agreed with a pained expression on his face.

      "Shut up both of you!" Pishicu snapped indignantly. "You agreed to this! Besides, if you keep complaining we'll lose them!"

      Pishicu looked down at the ground; it was a VERY long drop. She almost regretted asking the petpets to fly her after Terskun and Fedle, but what choice did she really have? If she went by foot she would've definitely have lost them. They were even close to losing them now, except every now and then Fedle would turn his head around cautiously (they would have to take a deep dip when this happened so he would not spot them) and they would see his large, silver orbs reflecting the moon's light.

      "How about we drop her? Hiisss cooo froogle aiee gunchol brrrflp?"

      "Scrraggle, aiee hisss cooo tuska. Yeah, I wished we could drop her too," Sparkle murmured with grim satisfaction to the Weewoo.

      "What was that?"

      "Treag. Nothing."

      They continued following the Draik and the Cybunny, but it was no easy task. The two kept turning and going this way and that way so much that Pishicu was starting to feel dizzy. It also didn't help that she had slipped from Sparkle and Beelika's grasps a few times; whether or not they did this on purpose she wasn't sure.

      Finally Terskun and Fedle landed in a clearing lighted only by the moon.

      "Land a little way away from where they're landing. I can creep up to it without anyone hearing me. Then you two can go home. I'm sure they'll allow me to go along with them once they're stuck with me," Pishicu ordered them, with a grin.

      The petpets dropped the Poogle off and then flew away. Pishicu groaned when she was finally on the ground, for her glasses were speckled with unlucky vernaxes and cooties that had crashed into them on the way over. Unceremonially, she wiped them off on a few leaves and quietly continued over to the clearing.

      She very carefully chose a spot where she had a good view, was downwind, and to where Fedle could only see her in the off chance that he looked behind him.

      "Should the others be arriving soon?" Terskun asked Fedle thoughtfully as he glanced at the sky.

      "Yes, yes... I told them to be here at this time. They should be here any minute..." Fedle replied as he to glanced at the sky. "I think I see them behind that cloud! Look!" The Cybunny pointed his paw at a large cloud that was oddly shaped like a Kiko.

      "If they're behind a cloud, how do you expect me to look?" Terskun asked with his eyebrows raised.

      "Fair point, I forgot," Fedle said, slightly blushing. "But I think they're coming through now. Yes! They're past the cloud!"

      Pishicu then looked up, squinted and readjusted her glasses, and saw what he was referring to. In the sky, barely larger than a fairly small Mootix, were two figures, one with an oddly shaped lump on it's head. Closer, and closer they grew, until finally the Poogle could depict the shape of a Pteri, a Kougra, and a lizard-looking petpet.

      "Aah!" Terskun cried. "I see them now! Yessey and Levita! But what is that that Yessey has got? Could it be Rucsk?"

      Fedle gazed almost lazily upward, and nodded his head. "Looks like a Krawk," he murmured. "I'm almost certain it is, for Yessey swore that she would get him."

      Suddenly it became clear to Pishicu why they were here. It was a meeting, a meeting for the pets of the Wisdom Council to be more precise. It seemed pretty clear that they were planning something, but what?

      The two pets and the petpet landed with a slight thump. Pishicu sneaked a little closer to get a better look. It was indeed a Pteri, a Kougra, and a petpet Krawk. The Pteri was brown, the Kougra was green, but looked ghastly tall, and the Krawk was very plain.

      "Mistress Yessey! Mistress Levita! Master Rucsk! Were so glad your here!" Fedle cried as he tried to wrap them in a gigantic bunny-hug.

      "Gerrof Fedle, you old fart!" the Pteri screeched as she flapped her wings furiously and ruffled her feathers. "This is no time for hugs!"

      The gigantic Kougra nodded her head and said in a timid voice that quite shocked Pishicu, "Yes, I believe Yessey is right. We have much to much to do. It's okay Fedle, we all share your emotions though. I know if the situation at hand wasn't what it was, we would all be hugging each other."

      Yessey gave a testy, "Pah!" as if to say she would not be doing those exact things even if the situation at hand was better.

      Finally Terskun intervened. "Yessey, is the Krawk Rucsk?" he questioned as he examined the gurgling petpet.

      "Hmmm? Oh yeah. We picked him up along the way," the Pteri muttered as she started to gaze intently at her feet.

      "How did you manage? The pet who owned him absolutely refused to give him to me!" Fedle inquired.


      "Yessey beat him up," the Kougra finally concluded.

      "Shut up Levita! I did not do such a thing! I just... er.... forcefully persuaded him!"

      "You might call it forcefully persuading, but personally when someone takes a Gelert's own bone, and whacks him on the head with it, I call it beating someone up!" Levita snapped disapprovingly.

      "Well, if he had just given Rucsk to me--" Yessey started testily.

      "It was his petpet! He didn't know his past, or why we needed him! He thought you were a thief!" the Kougra growled.

      "Girls! Please, keep your voices down!" Terskun implored. "Someone might hear you! Besides, Rucsk isn't going to do us any good if we keep him like that! Does anyone have some Magic Fungus?"

      Yessey nodded, then distributed blue-green algae from her claws and handed it to the Draik. "I picked it up on the way over to get Levita," she explained.

      Terskun the bent down and carefully distributed it into Rucsk's mouth. There was a flash, and standing in front of them was a very puny looking Krawk.

      "Zhank you!" he said. He had a very reptilian accent and his thin face seemed to be situated around two unnaturally large nostrils and unusually close together, lamp-like eyes. "Zhat pet wazzz verrrry annoying! Zzzo zhink zhat hizzz owner even truzzted him wizt a petpet! He zzmelled verrrry ztrongly of untruzzt! I zhink he wazzz ztealing neopoinzzz vrom hizzz ownerzzz account."

      "See, told you the pet was a brat!" Yessey snapped.

      Terskun kicked her. "Let's not start that again," he said with an air of authority and a stern look. "We have more important things to do. Fedle, you brought them right?"

      "Yes!" the Cybunny said. He then reached into the fur that consumed his neck and distributed five glowing orbs with gold chains around them, each that looked like they had a word written on them in a language the Poogle could not read, no matter how many times she adjusted her glasses.

      "Great, but where's yours?" Terskun muttered apprehensively.

      "Don't worry, I locked it up in a place where the Faeries would never look, and even if they did I put so many hexes and charms on it that they wouldn't be able to touch it," Fedle said with a devilish grin. "Besides, the Faeries don't suspect a thing." He then passed the little orbs to each member.

      "Everyone remember the incantation?" Terskun asked as he accepted his.


      "Duh, I'm not stupid."

      "Of course, Master Terskun."

      "Why zurrrre!"

      "Great! Now everyone, begin the chant!"

      The all of the pets started to say some mystical words that Pishicu could not understand. The orbs started to glow mysteriously, but then there was a flash and an evil cackle.

      "Little rats!" said a very loud, raucous voice. "I can't believe your still alive and what you're up to! It's no matter, though... I'll finish you all off now!"

To be continued...

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