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Brightvale: The Land of Knowledge

by playmobil_is_my_life


WORLDS - On the 12th day in the month of Hiding, a brand new world was released into Neopia: a new world that promises peace and knowledge. A world that will open doors to Neopians, (especially if the doors have ornate glass in them)…

This new world is called Brightvale.

Brightvale is located exactly fifty miles east of Meridell. It is famous for is luscious foliage, the Brightvale Castle, and its ornate glass. Being a monarchy, Brightvale is run by royalty, to be precise, King Hagan the Wise. And the special thing about King Hagan is the fact that he is King Skarl's older brother. So you can just imagine the sibling rivalry that's about to come!

Ever since the release of Meridell, in year four, King Hagan was jealous of his younger brother, and he dreamt of creating his own world. I believe that they were both quite contentious when they were younger, but I suppose that Skarl got the better of Hagan one day when he began to rule Meridell…

Hagan: So, little bro, how about you let me be in charge of Meridell for one day?

King Skarl: No.

King Hagan: How about just for a few hours?

King Skarl: No.

King Hagan: Oh, yeah? Well, maybe I'll create my own world and I'll have my own castle. And my castle will be bigger than yours!

King Skarl: Whatever…

King Hagan: (Starts to run off) And my flags are going to be green and white because red and blue are so ugly!

As you can see, Hagan was determined to create a better world. A world that was much brighter. And thusly, Brightvale was born! Okay, so I'm not sure if that's one hundred percent accurate, but I assume something like that happened. You have to admit that Skarl and Hagan are quite different… King Skarl- He's fat and lazy… known to lounge around eating cake all day. He doesn't care what kind of food is fed to him, as long as it's edible. He spends his free time bossing his servants around, every once-in-a-while watching a game of Meriball. Oh, and Skarl's quite famous for his foul mood, as he's always trying to get someone to tell him a joke, that he's never happy with. But even though Skarl has that "typical little brother" attitude, he's still Meridell's King and a good leader as well.

King Hagan- He believes that reading and learning will rise over all. Hagan is much more elegant and independent while Skarl whines for everything. And did you notice that Brightvale has a bookshop and a Wheel of Knowledge? Do you see any kind of knowledgeable thing in Meridell? So King Hagan proves to be smarter that Skarl.

Clearly these two kings are VERY different.

But where was King Hagan when Lord Kass and his army attacked Meridell? He sure wasn't offering any help to Skarl, yet he creates a world where knowledge is the highest and tries to draw the attention from Meridell to Brightvale? But how long will Brightvale be in the spotlight before it is drawn to its neighboring world, Meridell?

To some, Brightvale is a land of the wise. Where peace and kindness is always encouraged, while to others, Brightvale is a symbol of war.

Maybe you're thinking, "Huh?" Let me explain. With Brightvale around, I can sense some competition between it and Meridell. Both Kings want to be the best, as well as the Neopians who live there, too. Was Brightvale created to stand as a friendly neighborhood to Meridell, or an enemy? Only the future holds this answer…

Well, instead of discussing the differences between Brightvale and Meridell, let's talk about what Brightvale has for all of the Neopians to see and do.

Brightvale Glaziers

Looking for something to give your Neohome a little extra light? Stop by Brightvale Glaziers, where ornate glass windows are sold all of the time. These windows are custom made so each one is designed with true craftsman ship. Each piece of glass is cut to perfection. The ornate glass windows are what Brightvale is famous for: you will probably find one of these in every shop. If you are looking for windows, make sure to visit Brightvale to find good quality and value.

The Wheel of Knowledge

If you're feeling lucky, head on over to the Wheel of Knowledge, located just outside of Brightvale Castle. This wheel is the fourth to be released, and it's a little different from the others. There's even a "spin again" space! And the prizes are awesome: you can win anything from advice on a game to a rare plushie or job coupon! However, you can only spin it every twenty-four hours; so make sure you spin it whenever you can!

Brightvale Books

Another great feature in Brightvale is the bookshop. Brightvale Books has all of the new books about its world to buy. So if your Neopet wants to read about Brightvale, some books to consider are Brightvale Maps, Brightvale Castle or King Hagan. Any Neopet who loves to read will be delighted to receive one of these new books.

And let's not forget Brightvale's beautiful scenery. If you ever stop by, make sure to look around at all of the trees and flowers. You will never see anything so pretty in any of the other worlds, so this elegant foliage will make Brightvale one of the top tourist attractions. The Brightvale Castle is made entirely from limestone, and it has six towers. It is measured to be over one hundred feet tall and has over two hundred rooms.

King Hagan: HAH! See, I told you my castle would be bigger, Skarl.

King Skarl: Pfft! Yeah, right…

And as a special treat for you, I happened to get an exclusive interview with King Hagan as he was exiting his castle in the morning.

Me: King Hagan? I'm writing an article about Brightvale for the Neopian Times and I was wondering if you'd allow me to ask you a couple of questions.

King Hagan: All right, then.

Me: Why did you decide to create your own world?

King Hagan: Hmm, I suppose it was because of Skarl. That lazy brother of mine had to go and rule Meridell, and I wanted to meet his standards. And I felt that we needed a world where knowledge was most important.

Me: I see! (Scribbles down Hagan's answers in a Rainbow Neopets Notebook)…. And… why do you believe that knowledge is superior to other things?

King Hagan: Knowledge is the key to life. With proper learning, one can accomplish anything.

Me: Mm-hmm. And do you think that tourism will increase because of the Wheel of Knowledge and the other attractions?

King Hagan: Oh, yes. The Wheel of Knowledge and Brightvale's Glaziers will draw in lots of Neopians. Brightvale features things that no other world has.

Me: Okay, thanks for the interview, King Hagan!

So there you have it! If you're ever in the neighborhood, and you're looking for something new, why not stop by Brightvale? After all, with all there is to do, you're future looks… bright!

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