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Neopets Music Guide

by belgiumardennes


GAMES ROOM - I have been playing on Neopets for a while, but recently I discovered a wonderful aspect of it that I had never noticed before. Usually when I play my favorite games I turn off the speakers and put on the country music station. Then, one day, I forgot to turn off my speakers while playing Sutek's Tomb. Imagine my surprise when I found the background music to be not only tolerable, but rather catchy! Forget the big stars on the radio; soon it will be Neopets topping the charts!

So I started to go through all of the games and listening to the music in the background. Sure enough, Sutek's Tomb wasn't the only one worth listening to. I decided to make a reference article so that everyone could share in this experience.

Each game's tune has been rated in two categories; good listening and good game music. For good listening I turned on the game and focused on listening to the music alone (only playing the game enough for the music to continue). For good game music I played the game with the music on and then with the music off to see how well the music worked with the game.

Sutek's Tomb:

I just had to start with this one, since it was the music that caught me in the first place.

Good Listening (9/10): The Sutek's Tomb theme has an excellent beat. The tune consists of a very simple pattern of chords. Although very repetitive, it doesn't get to the point of being annoying because the focus is really on the percussion.

Good Game Music (8/10): This theme makes a repetitive puzzle game like Sutek's Tomb more interesting and it fits the theme of the game well. My only problem with it as music for this game is that, because it has such a distinct beat, it sometimes slows me down because I'll start clicking in time to it!

Conclusion: Keep an eye out for the Sutek's Tomb music video.

Extreme Potato Counter:

Good Listening (1/10): While I adore the background "music" to this spudtastic game, the random changes drove me insane just listening to it. Before you start playing you get a nice little "honky tonk" theme which is quickly interrupted by a very quick spurt of electric guitar. Just to make it even more random, you get a nice simple drum beat once you start playing. This changes to a sort of bongo drum when you're guessing how many potatoes there were. If you guess right you get the electric guitar again. If you're wrong, you get an annoying buzzer followed by another drum beat (again, different from the other two).

Good Game Music (10/10): I couldn't think of anything better! For something silly and quick like a game of counting potatoes it's perfect. It makes the experience more fun, and I've found the drum beat actually helps me count. I just wish they would get rid of the buzzer when you lose. Isn't losing enough?

Conclusion: Always listen to this music when playing the game, but otherwise, avoid it like the plague.

Kreludan Mining Corps.:

Good Listening (5/10): This funky techno theme has a beat that would be fun to dance to if you only played it for a minute. For me, listening to it for much longer makes me start wondering when the actual music is going to start. This theme makes me feel like someone cut off three-fourths of the song and left me with just the first half.

Good Game Music (9/10): Playing the game while listening to this music makes it much more enjoyable. It fits the atmosphere of the game well and goes along perfectly with the various sounds going on as you play. I couldn't think of better music to go along with blasting mutant fungi to little bits. Since Kreludan Mining Corps. isn't a very repetitive game, I rarely get sick of the music unless I'm playing it over and over while trying to get a higher score.

Conclusion: Play the game with the sound on.

Meepit Juice Break:

Good Listening (8/10): This theme is definitely a toe-tapper. While not very good music for listening alone, it's so happy and energetic it could make any activity more enjoyable, even cleaning the bathroom (this I tested personally).

Good Game Music (9/10): If it can make cleaning the bathroom more enjoyable imagine listening to it while playing a fun game like Meepit Juice Break. I would recommend playing this game after your pet gets blasted by the Snowager. The music alone is bound to cheer you up.

Conclusion: Record this music and play it while doing activities you really hate.

MAGAX: Destroyer:

Good Listening (3/10): While the theme to this game is definitely upbeat, it's not something I would choose for pleasure listening. There's a decent beat, but there's a constant background noise that sounds like someone's stomach rumbling. There's not really any tune to listen to either.

Good Game Music (7/10): Although not the greatest for listening, it fits well with the game (which, if you haven't played, mostly involves blowing things up with a laser). The sound effects of the game go well with the music, as do the graphics. Am I the only one who is reminded of pumpkins when they look at those mountains?

Conclusion: Turn on the sound unless you have a headache (or stomach-ache).

Faerie Bubbles:

Good Listening (6/10): I think this would make good music at an Aquarium. After all, it is for a game involving bubbles. While there's a definite lack of any kind of melody, it's rather enjoyable and relaxing. Watch out, though, it may make you fall asleep.

Good Game Music (8/10): One thing that can be said about this theme is that it will never distract you from the game. Its relaxing style works well for a game that requires a degree of precision. Granted, Faerie Bubbles isn't the most stressful game out there. I wonder how that would change if you switched this with the MAGAX theme. Oh no! An air combo! We're doomed forever! Maybe not.

Conclusion: Play this music when you want to have music on but don't want to realize it's on.

Tyrannian Mini Golf:

Good Listening (5/10): This theme isn't too bad. It has a decent melody but it reminds me a little too much of something out of an eighties movie. I can see the really big hair now ... scary. It could've been relaxing if it didn't sound so sad.

Good Game Music (3/10): I can't see this fitting mini golf at all. Mini golf makes me think of windmills and big clown faces. This makes me think of broken windmills and depressed clowns.

Conclusion: Turn the sound off before you start feeling sorry for the poor ball that's getting knocked around.

Many thanks to the following people who helped open my eyes to new games and new music: msfurious, ghostision, and pinky_7fingers.

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