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The Origin of the Grey Pets

by arula100


The sun beat down calmly on the small island paradise. Small island petpets flew overhead, whistling. Island music played while pets had the time of their lives dancing. Water lapped slowly up onto the beaches of Mystery Island. Volleyballs flew through the air. The day couldn't have been more perfect.

     Chet, a young green Krawk, pressed on eagerly with his owner lagging not far behind. Chet had been awaiting this proud moment ever since before he ate his fistful of slime from the fungus caves, even before he was bought from the Tyrannian petpet shop. Let's just put it the simple way; ever since the first time he had ever heard of the fire paint brush he had been waiting. He rushed on, the fearsome features of his face masked in excitement. Today, with a little help from his owner's wallet, he would be the proud owner of that fire paint brush. He briefly closed his eyes as he imagined tendrils of red hot flames dancing up from his feet, the bright spikes protruding from his charcoal head, the crowds of admiring Neopians….

     Chet awoke from his daydream, soon to become a reality, when he stopped at the entrance to the trading post. It towered high above him, and he regarded it in awe. Chet's momentary pause gave his owner, Jeremy, a chance to catch up. Out of breath and doubled over with his hands on his knees, Jeremy looked up at the trading post. People rushed busily in and out of the double doors and blurred silhouettes raced across the windows. Jeremy sighed; yet another challenge would be worming through the crowd.

     "C'mon, Chet, let's come back when it's less crowded." Jeremy was ready to collapse, but somehow he managed to stay upright.

     Chet turned and fixed his owner an icy glare. "You promised today." Chet bared his teeth. When Jeremy bent over, like he was doing now, their faces were even, and Chet's teeth can be quite threatening, especially from up close.

     Jeremy quickly straightened. "Alright, let's go."

     Chet smiled and hugged his owner. "Thanks, Jeremy." The he sped off and raced through the double doors. Jeremy shook his head knowingly before rushing into the tight crowd after him.

     Many bruises, a much lighter wallet, and thirty minutes later, Chet emerged, with Jeremy in tow, and a plain, insignificant looking brown box held tightly under his arm. Pride was etched deeply all over the Krawk's face. He sat down on a nearby bench, much to Jeremy's relief, and took a rest. He held the box before him like an ancient relic, casting shifty glances at any pet that seemed suspicious enough to want to take it, which was, to Chet, everyone. Pets and owners alike wondered why a Krawk would be so protective of an old box, probably containing his lunch, probably consisting of maggot stew or something else incredibly unpleasant.

     Jeremy fell heavily onto the bench, his chest heaving up and down with exhaustion. Chet sighed once and began standing up. "Soooo…can we go now?"

     Jeremy turned his head slowly. He spoke between breaths. "Let…me…rest."

     Chet sighed impatiently but sat down and waited all the same. After what seemed an age, Jeremy was ready to go. They both got up and walked briskly to the Mystery Isle Harbor. They caught one of the speedboats and it took no time at all to reach Neopia Central.

     Chet had hung happily over the railing, wishing he could have been swimming. He had closed his eyes as the sea breeze whipped across his face, the smell of salt and wind reaching up his nostrils. He had vowed to one day steer a ship, perhaps a large vessel with a crew, or a small one of his very own, and explore the vast oceans of Neopia. As quickly as the trip had begun, it ended. Chet had stepped, almost reluctantly, onto dry land.

     Jeremy lifted his excited young Neopet onto his shoulders. "See anything?"

     Chet squinted as he peered into the distance. "I see it! I see the rainbow!" Chet squirmed atop his owner's shoulders and nearly knocked him over. With some difficulty, Jeremy placed Chet on the ground. Chet raced off, and Jeremy desperately followed.

     Chet slowed when he reached the more populated areas of the Neopia Central, so he wouldn't run into anyone. All the same, he accidentally bumped into and knocked over a blue Lupe about his age. The Lupe had been following his science class from the local Neoschool on their field trip to observe the Rainbow Pool and how it worked.

     The Lupe shot a shy glance. "I-I'm sorry…I didn't mean to…"

     Chet smiled warmly and helped him up. "No problem…Nagru," , he said, reading the Lupe's nametag, "it was my fault, really".

     Nagru returned the smile. "Thanks…?"

     "Chet," the Krawk finished for him. They shook paws. "Nice to meet you." Nagru nodded and ran off, waving over his shoulder, after his class as Jeremy came up behind Chet. "Meet a new friend?" he asked.

     Chet responded with a quick "yup" and continued, much more cautiously than before.

     Finally, they reached the infamous Rainbow Pool. Chet found the fire section and readied himself. He watched as other pets gathered eagerly around the magical waters. He took a deep breath and stepped forward, entering the water slowly…


The Grey Faerie looked down from the cloud on which she sat. She was in as sullen a mood as ever, but today was slightly different. Mixed with her sadness and pain was a fierce anger. She stormed around, looking down on all the pets that were more beautiful than here (a.k.a. just about all of them). Her hatred grew with her observations. She could take it no longer.

     "Why must I be alone?" she screamed. Setting her sights on the Rainbow Pool, she focused her powers.


Chet, along with many other pets, submerged under the water, the colors beginning to sink in and dye their skin. Pets and owners from above the water gasped; a whirlpool had formed. The science class scribbled notes furiously as their teacher watched in disbelief. The whirlpool grew as it spun faster, mixing the colors from the many sections of the rainbow pool, turning it into a dull grey color. Once the water was a solid color, the whirlpool disappeared as if it had never existed.

     Owners stared in open-mouthed horror as their pets emerged. Instead of seeing beautiful wings and bright colors, they saw dull grey. When the pets saw what had happened, their moods quickly changed. All the Neopoints they had spent on their paintbrushes had gone to waste.

     Chet's eyes welled with tears as he ran to his owner. He couldn't speak because of his misery, just cry. Jeremy comforted him, crying for his pet. As he looked around, he saw the other pets, all grey, all depressed, all crying into their owners' shoulders. Pets all around had stopped to observe the sad scene.

     A small object floated down from a dark cloud, falling steadily as if controlled by magic. Everyone, grey and not, crowded around the object. It was a paintbrush, the handle bent in sadness, the grey paint falling off the bristles as of they were tears. Attached was a note, sporting a single word, which Chet read aloud; "Enjoy."

The End

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