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Could you please think about making the Mad Scientist that made the lab ray available as a battledome challenger? - Cutiekitty234
Certainly. I am sure there are many owners out there who have a thing or two to 'discuss' with the creator of such an unstable invention.

I know you mentioned the votes for the looks of the new kougra styles but you mentioned nothing of a date or a projected date. I didn't expect overnight or anything silly, but I'm sure many neopians are curious to the progress. - Nikorokumitsero
At the moment we are getting a lot of sketches drawn of possible new looks. When we find a few that we are happy with, we will put them up on the site for you to vote on. This should happen around the middle of next week.

Will you be making any plots soon? I keep waiting, but nothing has come up yet. I'd really like to hear some Jhudora/Illusen plots. - Silverscaleprincess
Yes. You may have read on the news page that we originally intended to do a plot featuring Dr Sloth. Instead we will be making sure the next plot (featuring Hannah from HATPC) is top notch. Jhudora and Illusen will not feature in the new plot, but Taelia will :)

Don't you think that there could be a meridell furniture store, lost desert furniture store... etc. Not just kreludor, kiko island, and neopia? This would make it so that the neopia one wouldn't have so much stuff to sell. - xCatholicxgirlx
We will be adding more specialist shops (including one that sells windows) shortly, but I don't think we will neccessarily have a furniture shop in every region. It could be a little boring if every place had the same shops.

Can you make Lord Kass a collectable card on neopets? - Gorix40
Yes, actually we are going to start adding more to the collectable cards very soon. They have not been forgotten ;)

Will we ever be able to unequip petpets without losing their petpetpet? - Moonfighter666
I honestly do not know, it would make sense if you could remove the Petpetpet, or it stayed with the Petpet.

There are 3 Avatars for NeoQuest II yet, none for the original, this just doesn't seem fair. Can we please have one for the one for the original? - Wurmlord
Sure, the only reason the first doesn't have any is because it was released long before we started having avatars.

Since you made the petpages unable to link to something not neopets-related, it is almost impossible to find a counter. Can you make a few counters of your own? - wwfbrats
We are looking into this now. Hopefully we can yes. I hope so, I want a Potato Counter counter :)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but do you realize that there are ONLY SIX Disco shopkeepers? (Acara, Aisha, Eyrie, Koi, and TWO Kyrii)....Do yall think yall could POSSIBLY maybe uhh....make some more disco shopkeepers? Maybe a Moehog or Shoyru..HINT HINT HINT! lol...Thanks a BUNCH! - kaygrl78
More disco shopkeepers coming up.

Why do Meowclops's have one eye? It's freaky. - Matjake44_2
They are just born that way, they are freaky, but in a cute, harmless way.

Are you more likely to get a faerie quest when you are in Faerieland? - teffybob
No, you are not.

Will there be Pronunciations for the Ruki and Yurble? - scottydog004
Yup. The pronunciation page will be updated next week.

When you said "our next plot" on New Features, did that mean that you're NOT going to do the Return Of Sloth? - Jurplesrgreen
Yes, it does. As much as we love Dr Sloth and were really excited about the plot, we just do not have enough time to do it justice. Rather than disappoint everyone by releasing something we are just not happy with and is incomplete, we think it is better to move on. In the meantime we will continue to add to Kreludor and release some new Sloth themed things. With any luck we will be able to go back to 'The Return Of Dr Sloth' in the future. Sorry :(

How many times is a Gallery Spotlight chosen in a week? Once or twice? - Jessiea2002s_gallery
The gallery spotlight is announced every Wednesday.

How do I get a job coupon!? I know that the help section says that they were given out for a short time and should be back soon, but its not fair. I just started playing neopets so I never had a oppurtunity to get one. I am also aware that I can buy one from other players, but I dont have that type of money! - shannagurl25
At the moment there is no way to get a job coupon, although in a couple of week's time there will be :) I can't tell you where as it will spoil the surprise, but it is coming...

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