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Continued Series

Because of a Purple Juppie Java: Part Two

"You know Ye Olde Ship Inn has a restaurant, right? I bet they have one in every hotel. Maybe we can grab a menu. It might help."

by arula100

Jungle Eyes: Part Four

It seemed different during the morning for reasons both Makiki and Ayrauna could not explain. They also could not explain if it was a good different or a bad different.

by chocolateisamust

Maraquan Madness: Part Three

"I go to collect my thoughts outside the village, and when I come back the place is in panic. I don't understand; what happened?"

by sirussblack

Mystery of the Neolodge: Part Three

"Don’t you think everyone read the headline? ‘Neologde has a rich secret’?" TigerWing quoted.

by playmobil_is_my_life

Seaveil : The Tide Rises -- Part Two

"Are we there yet?" Seaveil panted in a hushed voice, which he had to struggle to do. His throat was dry, nearly as dry as the vast amount untouched sand covering the voluminous desert.

by adoriblelapin

The Case of the Wand That Wasn't: Part Two

"That’s odd," I muttered after finally deciding that my discovery needed announcing. "Trixy, come over here…don’t worry about disturbing anything now..."

by tambourine_chimp

The Light Faeries Apprentice: Part Ten

"Hey, everything turned out fine, didn't it?" said Neofaerie. "So don't worry about it! What's done is done. You can't change the past."

by neo_star_queen

The Search for Fluffy: Part Four

"Come on, sis. We've got two siblings in trouble, and we're going to find them! If that big pile of sticks won't help us, we'll do it ourselves!"

by precious_katuch14

The Techo Mountain Excavation: Part Five

"Why don't we just make this simple," Hamperdank started again. "I think we all agree Gelrelt hates archaeology too much to have any interest in stealing an artifact..."

by resurrectedwarrior

Uni Clown: Part Two

"So you're funny," the Ringmaster pondered. "How do you look in a red nose?"

by charmedhorses

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"A Time To Learn" by yellowlabs765

"Dad! Jermain keeps being mean to me 'cause I can‘t get the answers right!"...

Other Stories


Three Deeds
"I’ve come to the conclusion that if, and this is a very big if, Feol, you can show me you’re going to be a proper faerie, I will decline the Headmistresses request for you to be schooled elsewhere."

by erileen


Room 3
Thirty minutes had passed and Alison and Garth were now entering the Neopian Pound. Garth was clinging enthusiastically onto Alison's arm with a wide smile spread across his features...

by blubblub317


All Plush, No Brain
Maybe you think they are adorable. Some of you might have spent months saving up to own one; after all, to have your pet's features formed in plush is worth it, right?

by shimmering_aurora


The Bookstore Book Reviews
Have you ever had trouble deciding which book to read? Are you one of the many Neopians who can't decide whether learning social skills or trying to stay fit is more important?

by christinetran


Fruity Salad
Arigato? No thanks, I'm not hungry.

by marilltachiquin


All Ears
Ohh... it's a Moehog.

by sir_draikalot

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