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A Little Grey

Can I have some?

by starrkitty03

Chronicles of Insanity

Fine! Ignore me, then!

by american_cartoonist



by starburst2622

Life With Snowager #4

The Snowager's collection...

by moondust_dreams

Lupe Tricks

Lupes don't do tricks.

by pikapalooza

Neopia Gone Wrong

All the Aisha wanted to do was play Word Poker...

by gigabit12163

Out With A Bang

This is interesting...

by tracypaper12

Pets These Days

Please, not me!

by cruzerchic123

Rational Lunacy

How did you sleep?

by tambourine_chimp

Really Confused

"About Ad Space"

by stoneman3x

Something Has Happened

Oops, I missed...

by tdyans

Spooky, Slightly Smaller.

If Petpets could talk...

by ghostkomorichu

The Apple

Healthy? Yeah right!!!

by tweety1234561

The History of Babaas.

How Babaas came to Neopia...

by cloud_babaa282

The Meerca Siblings

#5: Captain Wolf

by comedian872001

The Misunderstood

Making a wish.

by choclated

Trophy Troubles

No more potatoes...

by arbok2000

Wishful Thinking

"Boxing Shadows"

by barbcat00

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Booking Your Stay

Neolodges. The wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) places where your Neopet can stay when you're gone for a long period of time. You're about to set them up in a place to stay when you see the dropdown list of your options. Your brain is fizzled, so you say, "Well, I'll get back to that." Therefore you move on, seeing the list of upgrades. Your brain circuits are now fried. What do you do?...

Other Stories


The Great Dung Fest
Today was the 17th annual Great Dung Fest, a festivity where everyone could hang out, play games, test out new foods, and honour the one and only item… DUNG!

by blubblub317


Korby's Change
"Well, if he won't change by himself, why don't we change him?"

by meowbowj


Choosing the Right Neolodge for Your Pet and Your Wallet
What do you do? What to choose? Well, perhaps this guide will help.

by arula100


Shop Rejects – Shops that Never Made It
Taking a piece of stray paper from the pathway and fishing out my Air Faerie Pen, I started scribbling down shops that should be created.

by chocolateisamust


Eternal Spirit: Part One
“Keena,” my father said, wiping his mouth on his napkin. “I have some very, very good news.”

by erileen


Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part One
That was the one of the odd things about Terskun. He never spoke. Well, almost never.

by chipster33

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