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Finding Kourage: Part Two

by larenbeka


"There, there. I believe you…" Reagan held a sobbing and pitiful Maieben in her arms.

      The miserable Aisha looked up hopefully, "Y-you do? Sniff*." She brought a handkerchief to her red and rubbed nose and blew hard. Reagan patted her sympathetically.

      "If you'd like, I would be glad to talk to the headmaster about…what happened. I believe you and trust you completely," Reagan tried. The tiny Aisha in her arms shook her head.

      "No, thank you. I think I should battle this one on my own." Maieben lifted her face towards Reagan. "I don't know why they don't like me. I've always been nice to them…" She seemed so troubled that Reagan squeezed her into a warm and embracing hug.

      "Maybe it's because they're jealous of you, Maieben. But, it is hard for them to admit it, so they put you down, to make themselves feel better. Hhmm?" She looked very wise and knowing just then. Maieben was grateful for Reagan's support and love. But this was something she had to figure out and repair herself. She knew, deep down that she must find the courage she never knew she had, to stand up to those who she had always avoided.

      Reagan had always been compassionate and loyal and amorous with Maieben. She had always been right behind her whenever she made a decision. And now, as Maieben faced one the most difficult combats she would ever be faced with, she tried to see beyond Maieben's concerned face and catch a glimpse of inside her soul…but, the trouble was, she was just looking. Of course, looking isn't the only way to see…It is possible to see with a new sight, a vision of understanding and knowledge beyond emblematic comprehension. It is a wisdom so intense and eloquent that, naturally it is a rare gift. I'm sure you have figured out that Maieben possesses it and lives by it already, but Reagan is the one who always made sure Maieben was content. Now, most of all, she wished to be able to put a bandage on Maieben's large pain, but this was not like that. She wanted to just tell her it would be okay and make everything better, but…this could not be done. Only time and confidence could help now. This was what was tormenting Reagan.

      When things like this happen, everyone wants to stay in bed and mope. We want to hide from our tribulations and burdens under the covers of our safe beds, however, we must face them with bravery and determination. Maieben tried to put on a bold face for Reagan, she really did. But, she remembered how her classmates found joy in her downfalls and this aggrieved her.

      The next day Reagan had to go on a trip to Krawk Island. She had decided to report the pathetic vendetta on her beloved Aisha to the officials at the Academy. Maieben just couldn't bring herself to get out of bed the next day. She was beyond miserable. Her sleep had been dire and she wanted more than anything to conceal herself. Facing her classmates and her teacher were just out of the question. It was too disheartening and dismal to go back. She made up her mind. She wasn't going.

      This was infinitely and incalculably not like Maieben to be dishonest at all. Especially when she decided to keep her decision from Reagan. She felt uncomfortably culpable with herself and felt like someone was watching her every move. She kept imagining a cold, harsh stare of prowlers sneaking up on her and… she didn't know how she would subsist if anyone found out about her unexcused and faulty absence. Something Reagan once lectured her came into her mind, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember what you said..." It haunted her deviously. She felt that she would simply perish if yet another heap of turmoil were to fall at her feet. Many worries distressed her.

      She finally surrendered with her conscience and decided to head for her lessons even though trying to explain her tardiness would be another lie to deal with, when…

      "Hello, my darling," a saccharine and ancient voice greeted her. She let out a strained, meager yelp. She began fantasizing terrible punishments and many regrets. She turned to look at her executioner and, shocked met a different sight instead. A divine neopet was before her. She was an aging Earth Faerie, but she was still beautiful. She seemed ever so delicate. Her features were fastidious; her smile was delightful and almost trance-like. Her slanted eyes were a clear, buttercup yellow and her small, pointed nose shone. Her lush, pink lips were so soft-looking and supple. Her elfish ears were pointed to perfection and they nearly glowed. Her auburn-blonde hair was extremely thin and curly. It fell gracefully from her shoulders while the top of it was pulled back exquisitely and carefully into a bun. She was so charming in her forest green and bronze-colored clothing. Her wings were perfect and tremendously intricate. They were a green so radiant that they almost seemed to give off their own light. She hovered excellently above the ground.

      The faerie's accommodating voice addressed her again. This time she caressed her thoughtfully and tenderly. Maieben drew back in scared astonishment. "Are you alright, love? You look frightfully ghastly." Maieben hadn't realized that during this her chin had dropped in confusion. Her brow furrowed in thought.

      "Pardon me, I don't intend to sound rude, but, who are you?"

      The creature before her smiled knowingly. She soothingly answered, "I didn't doubt you would have questions, my dear, but I must warn you: our time together is short, or rather, my time. I will answer your inquiry concerning me, but please use my time wisely." Maieben hadn't the slightest clue what to say to this so she resolved not to. The wise being continued, "I am Tylorra, the Earth Faerie of Zeal. I am here on my last quest. I can only explain shortly, not fully, why. First, all Elder Faeries have to pass on their powers to an heir when they grow old and are near death. I, do not possess a descendent of which I speak so, faeries in my position can choose who they wish to bequeath their powers to. I chose you, sweetheart."

      As Maieben was taking all of this in, she worked on a single, pestering question: Why did she choose me? Why me of all Neopets? WHY? She gaped at Tylorra with amazement and admiration. She suddenly felt a wave of adoration, gratefulness and embarrassment towards Tylorra. She blushed and smiled thankfully because she seemed to be without the use of her mouth anymore. Either that or she had forgotten how to speak…

      "Now," the faerie put out a slender and pale hand to stop her speech, "the process of passing on powers is complicated and greatly involved. You must be cooperative and willing, although I think that will be no problem for you." She smiled with dazzling, white teeth. Maieben nodded and blushed even darker.

      "Before we begin you must know some history. For many generations faeries have passed on their powers. It has always been considered a great honour and has been handled with care." Maieben nodded vigorously at this; she wanted to convince Tylorra she was a righteous and worthy heiress. "If you are ever in need of urgent help, since I won't be here anymore you can go to Kourage. He is a blue, extremely wise and ancient Faerie Blumaroo, and he is a figure of passion, as am I. We both work in wonder of other's needs and he would be glad to help you. I have a map for you, so you can get there." At this, she held up an old, primeval and obsolete-looking piece of parchment. Its edges furled and it looked oddly stained and very well-used. She proceeded,

"Undoubtedly you may know, that upon seeking him you must have reason; one of great importance. This is not a thing to be fooled with or taken lightly. When you obtain his wisdom you may find more than answers if you dare and if you are trying hard enough. He can help you find a new vision, one that lets you look with your Inner Eye, but only if you are deserving. He can lead you in a direction of success, or he can lure you into a path of many troubles. Only those who are seeking more than responses of information will find what they are truly looking for. If you go to him with an anticipation you may come back with something much more valuable than answers or material items. But, I cannot tell you what. All I can tell you is to look with your heart."

      As Tylorra concluded her 'history' which appeared to be more than a lecture, but more of a warning, Maieben pondered solicitously. A thought provoked her: maybe she could find confidence and bravery to oppose her rivals! She looked Tylorra right in her slit eyes. "I'm ready."

      Tylorra silently acquiesced. "Let's begin, shall we?"

      Maieben became slightly nervous, but she was concentrating too hard to worry too much. Tylorra closed her eyes and held her hands over her head. She tapped her crystal wand on her head and Maieben's head. Then, she muttered an incantation quickly. Blinding, white and yellow light sprang from every inch of Tylorra's refined and elegant figure. For a moment she floated in the light, then she seemed to lose part of herself and Maieben began to rise and join her in the light. Tylorra pointed her clasped hands at Maieben and Maieben felt something surge through her. She felt wonderful; her whole body appeared weightless, she finally felt in control of herself and she looked around. They were decreasing in height and then, the two creatures touched the floor gently. Tylorra waved her wand with a swish and the light shone no more.

      They were facing each other. Maieben opened her mouth to speak when Tylorra silenced her with a reproachful look. "I told you before, my child, my time is short. I must return to my home. Do not fear, for you will know how to operate the magic without telling. Good luck, darling. My faith resides in you forever." With a final, flashing smile she was gone in a cloud of magical smoke.

      * * * *

To be continued...

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