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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

A few moments later, they rose up and walked around the park, holding hands and chatting. Then they stood in silence. Nabile was watching the falling snow with childish wonder, whilst Jazan was struggling not to shiver beneath the multiple layers of clothing he was wearing.

Shiny! A Guide to Starting Your Trophy Collection

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought to yourself that your user lookup is missing something? Or maybe you have an insatiable appetite for gold and glory? If either of these scenarios describes you, a shiny new trophy for your cabinet may be just what you need! I myself have fallen victim to the desire to add one of these shiny objects to my collection from time to time. If you’re just embarking on your path to glory, this is the guide for you. In this guide, I will break down how the Neopets trophy system works and do my best to aid you on your quest for victory. First, it’s worth mentioning there are a handful of ways one can win a trophy in Neopets. This can range anywhere from a daily high score in one (or more) of your favourite games, to a random event (to the ever-elusive Tax Beast, I curse you), or for your skills at various card games. While daunting, this one-stop shop will set you on your way to becoming the ultimate trophy collector in no time. When hunting for trophies from Neopets classic games, I mean the newly-revived games where you can submit a score up to three times a day. Essentially, trophies for these games are handed out daily, early in the morning of the next day. What this means is once you’ve submitted your trophy-worthy score, that score needs to stand on the high-score table for that game until TNT hands out trophies in the wee hours of the morn. What may have been a gold-worthy score when you submitted it may be bumped down a tier or two depending on how your fellow Neopians perform throughout the trophy period.

The Complete Guide to the Deserted Fairground Games

October is all about ghosts and zombies coming forth, the undead taking over, and the more unsavoury characters of the world finally having their time to shine. We glorify villains and monsters and talk a walk on the darker side of the world, and there is no place darker in the world than the Deserted Fairground. This torturous place can be found in the Haunted Woods! Just look for the flashing lights, screams of terror, and crying Neopians checking their empty pockets for any spare bit of change, so they can afford the bus fare home. This is the place to come if you want to lose it all, and they trap you by making you think you really have a chance to win. The gag is that you do have a chance to win. This place thrives because one in a million, or a billion, does succeed and walk away with untold riches. That is what convinces thousands of users a day to come to this place and throw their Neopoints away trying to knock over coconuts or testing their strength. Some people think that the month of October has a higher chance of providing wins, since the characters found inside are in a jollier mood, but others think this is all a trick to make you lose even more of your hard-earned money. It is up to you to decide what is worth the risk, but you will be more informed after you read my complete guide to the Deserted Fairground. Test Your Strength Every six hours, you get a chance to prove just how strong you are when you swing a giant mallet at a big red button. This is a familiar concept for those who have played Staff Bash, but you'll probably...

A Season of Halloween Fun has Just Begun!

October, the month of Halloween is a wonderful time of year when everything from spooky to cool to pretty is all more than appropriate. There's more to it than just Halloween Paintbrushes and gross foods from the Alien Aisha Vending Machine, so I urge you to get involved this year and adopt the Halloween spirit in a new way like you never have before! I have an (albeit slightly annoying) Halloween Meepit here and he will ask me some questions on your behalf. What in the world even is the Halloween spirit? Thank you little Meepit, I'm glad you asked. Well, Halloween is a time for us to celebrate the exploration of the unusual, or the extreme and to take pride in adopting an aesthetic that we may not otherwise. For example, my little Meepit, you may borrow a silly oversized crown from a Royal Meepit friend (and maybe lose the eyeliner) and suddenly, you get to be someone else for the night! What if I like being scary? Then be even more scary! Be whoever your heart desires. Dress up like a Mutant Meepit, or maybe even a Halloween Rock. Do what you'd like, whatever your little Meepit brain can come up with! I have decided I am going to be a Mutant Meepit! So once I've chosen a costume, what else can I do to celebrate?

Other Stories
"Butterfly Effect" by parody_ham
A beautiful spring day beckoned the Borodere siblings as they enjoyed a weekend away from responsibilities and duties. Their lakeside cabin had a rustic charm, with plenty of places around the fire pit or porch to enjoy a good story. Lisha dug through her backpack of books—twice the size of her clothing bag—while Jeran lowered himself into a rocking chair. “What’re you looking for in there?” Jeran asked with vague interest, leaning back and taking in the clear, blue sky. She removed a large, leather-bound tome that read “Fauna of the Meridellian Hills” and held it up with a grin. Hand-drawn illustrations of mammals, birds, and reptiles filled the cover. “This one. One of my favourite field guides.” Jeran glanced down at the title for a moment and nestled in again. Meanwhile, his sister leafed through colourful illustrations of local Petpets and their behaviour, humming as she did. Eventually, she found herself in the butterfly section. Detailed maps of their habitat and location filled each page along with sketches of each species. Her brow furrowed as she read aloud about habitat this or host plant that. After a few minutes of hearing her jargon-filled mumbles, Jeran stifled a yawn, debating if now would be a good time for a nap.

"The Call of Krawk Island" by tazmiko
An impossibly hot midday sun beat down on James’ wet fur. Lying face down on the sandy beach, he looked more like a large lump of seaweed than a Green Wocky. The shrill cries of Pawkeets broke through the ringing in his ears and shimmering visions of gelatinous yellow swam behind his eyelids. He blinked salt from his aching eyes. “You okay there, matey?” came a gravelly voice. James turned his head, looking up into the hairy, Blue face of a Blumaroo. The Blumaroo frowned at him from beneath eyebrows so thick James had to squint to see if there were eyes under there at all. The face cracked into a mocking smile, revealing several gold teeth. “Be it yer ship went down? Or were you just out for an early morning swim?” James pushed himself to his feet groggily, feeling the wet sand slide around beneath his paws. He wiped a clod of sand from his tongue. “Where am I?” He looked around, peering past the Blumaroo and up the beach to where ramshackle buildings dotted the treeline. The Blumaroo let out a guffaw. “Where are yer? WHERE ARE YER?! Bless me doubloons, lad, if you haven’t been washed up at Krawk Island!” His beard danced around as he laughed. “Yer really have been out in the salt...

"Babies Day Out" by rosemmary
As the small group of little dragon girls skipped towards the ticket gates of the Roo Island Annual Carnival, their excitement grew. The Carnival music was wafting through the air, mixed with the smells of popcorn cotton candy, and the corndogs frying. They paid for their tickets and made their way through the crowd pausing occasionally to watch the assorted performers. When the sword swallower pushed the blade down his throat, Shyroes squeaked and hid her face behind her friends’ backs. The fire breather blew his flames, and Draikeys playfully blew her own flames alongside, and the crowd cheered at the sight. Soon they came to the Ferris wheel and all four girls handed over their tickets and climbed into one seat together. The ride operator locked their seat and the girls giggled as the wheel began to take them into the bright blue sky. As the Ferris wheel reached the top, it paused, giving the girls an amazing view of the carnival and the island. In the distance, they could even see the nefarious Count Von Roo’s tomb, and Skeittyx was struck with a terrible idea… they could go and peek at him while he was sleeping… The other three girls sat in astonished silence, with gaping faces and wide-eyed stares at Skeittyx. The wheel started moving again which...

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