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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"The thought of potentially soiled vegetables evaporated as she felt gravel dig into her knees and scrap against her palms. She gritted her teeth as she surveyed the domestic wreckage around her. The turnips were in an inadvertent race to see who could scatter amongst the crowd fastest."

5 Places to Take a Neo-Vacation

Happy Summer Neopia! After the busy season of the Altador Cup I am sure you are just dying to go on your annual Summer Neo-Vacation! This year I have compiled a list of great spots for you and your pets to consider going on a getaway to! We are a new company taking Neopia by storm! The Neopian Tour Company can help you plan your vacation to every corner of Neopia. From the depths of Maraqua or to a cave in Geraptiku! We have it handled with all your transportation, stays, and excursions! Neopia is home to many different lands. While it is the busy time for some spots, it is the downtime for others! It also might be 100 degrees and sunny in some parts or a cold, chilly winter day in others. With so many vast lands in Neopia, we figured The Neopian Tour Company could put out a fantastic list to help future travellers decide where they want to holiday! 1. Mystery Island The number one vacation spot in all of Neopia! This place is HOT year-round, but especially in the Summer. Be sure to grab your sunscreen to really protect yourself from this heat! This island has plenty of friendly locals to show you around. Situated in the middle of the island Techo Mountain. It has been dormant for many years, but that doesn’t mean it might not erupt someday. But don’t let that stop you! There are plenty of fun things to do! For only 25 Neopoints you can go on a Tiki Tour. This tour gives you a locals’ view of Mystery Island and is a great way to boost your mood and make new friends!

Dental Care 101: Basic Oral Hygiene

Listen. I get it. No one wants to brush their teeth and there’s not a soul in sight who would willingly floss. But dental care is super important! Did you know that most health issues could be fixed if only the sorry Neopian took better care of their teeth? I know that the Tooth Faerie has been away for a while and that everyone has been slacking—but she taught me a thing or two before she went on vacation, and I’m here to get everyone back on track to getting teeth so shiny, even Sloth would be jealous! My name is Harpedy, the Tooth Faerie’s newest (and most fashionable!) apprentice, and I’m here to give all you amazing Neopians some amazing advice on how to keeping your chompers happy, healthy, and shining! So why not take a few moments to see what I have to say? Dental Care 101 The most important thing about dental care is knowing what you’re taking care of! Everyone knows where their teeth are, but do you know why your teeth are? Teeth come in different shapes and sizes, perfectly adapted to the foods you’re trying to eat. Whether you’re a Grarrl who’ll eat anything, a Kyrii with a preference for fine dining, or a Lupe wanting to sink your teeth into a Chia … er, a Chia Biscuit, that is! Not all Neopians have the same dental care needs, but the advice I’m offering is generic enough that everyone should get some benefits from it. One important thing is to never put sharp objects in your mouth! Not only can you hurt yourself (sharp things are pointy!), but you could accidentally chip a tooth.

Characters Who Could Have Their Usuki Doll Versions

Usukis dolls are Neopia's most beloved collectibles. They're so popular and have such a legion of fans that the dolls even have their own exclusive store to sell these little darlings: The Usukiland. These beautiful dolls come in all sorts of variations, including representations of some of the site's most famous (or not-so-famous) characters. Every year new beautiful and fun Usukis dolls are released to please their fans and collectors, but there are some characters who are so beloved and or popular but haven't yet had the honour of being represented in the version of this little doll. So here I'm going to list ten characters who could have a version of an Usuki doll: 1. Delina the Crafting Faerie I'll start with Fairy Delina, the Crafting Faerie. She made her first appearance in 2011 during the Faerie Festival. She's one of the few dark fairies who isn't evil. She loves crafts and her quest involves asking you for some NC items so that she can complete her crafts. We have practically all the faeries in their version of the doll, but she is one of the few well-known faeries who still doesn't have her version, even Kaia, who is also a faerie whose quest involves NC items, already has her version of the doll, so why don't we have a version of Delina too? She's already represented on a stamp and other NC collectibles, but I'm sure faerie lovers certainly miss a Delina Usuki doll.

Other Stories
"Finding Community in Chocolate" by surging
Niluw straightened her shirt out in the mirror. She adjusted her crown. She pushed down her pants. She fidgeted with her ears. “You’ve done it,” she bravely told herself in the mirror. “You are officially somebody. You belong. You earned an invitation. Act like it.” She stood a bit taller. It had been many years since Niluw became chocolate. But this was the first year she was invited to the chocolate event of the year: the Annual Chocolate Ball. Her cousins Liliakis, Miiacko, Tinnakine, Tronkii, Xan, and Antikanper had helped her get ready. They were all sweets of their own – candy, candy, custard, jelly, mallow, and biscuit respectively – so they knew how to put together a delicious outfit. However, they could never understand the importance of the factory or the ball. It is something deeply rooted in Chocolate Pet tradition. Niluw herself did not understand it until she became chocolate and learned about it. The more she learned the more she knew she needed to go. To others on the outside, like her cousins, it looked like a silly event with no purpose other than to exclude. Niluw continued to nitpick her appearance and listened to her cousins chatter amongst themselves. “I don’t understand why it’s ONLY for chocolate pets!” Miiacko whined. “Look, I’ve snuck in before, it’s not that great.

"A Molten Friend" by misspolar
It was dark when the little Starry Zafara awoke. A little too dark. “Drat,” she thought. The clocktower light was out. It was 6 a.m. in Neovia, the sky not yet as light as it should be. You see, in Neovia, the sun almost never shined. The misty town did not stay in total night around the clock, but rather in a grey, dusk-like state when there should be brilliant daylight. The clock tower that loomed over the sleepy town normally served as the main source of light in the sky. Today, not so much. The Starry Zafara hastily rose from the bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and smoothing her fur in one fell motion. She slipped on a cape, and quickly scampered to the door of her small, stone cottage. As the keeper of the clocktower, it was her responsibility to make sure the town’s most important landmark was maintained, and today she had her work cut out for her. It was a bit of a lonely job, but someone had to do it. Scurrying along the quiet cobblestone streets, it was only a short time before she came to a large wooden door at the base of the tower. Her keys jangled as she searched for the near-ancient skeleton key that would unlock it. Finding the right one, the door groaned and ached as it opened, clearly having been resting for quite some time. “I should really get to oiling those hinges,”

"Bringing Spring to Neopia" by snofoxe
The air was serene but cold, the bitter harshness of winter finally starting to show signs of fading. Patches of snowfall still lay on the barren ground with a few pink primroses sprinkled throughout, their jade green leaves tinged with frost but still holding up strong. Overshadowing the grove were the sky-high giant sequoia trees, their pine-filled branches sinking under the weight of snow but still providing a sense of greenery and some semblance of life in the forest. A gust of chilled wind whipped through the thicket of trees, ruffling the fur of a creature that was normally small but looked even more minuscule beneath the wooden giants. Her sepia-coloured fur shone brightly against the environment when the forest wasn't filled with luscious green and brown vegetation but you could tell she would blend into the scene nicely in summer. Her pelt was decorated with small bunches of azure flowers, adorning her head, chest, and tail, giving her the namesake of Fleurra, the Woodland Lupe. The flowers lining her pelt seemed to be living, breathing peony blossoms, almost growing out of her very frame, appearing to have no problem thriving in this cold climate, unlike other flowers. The petite Lupe stepped forward slowly, approaching the calico ground covered in snow

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