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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"We were both so young then. We didn’t quite realise just how many of the best years of our lives were still to come. You know, that first Valentine’s Day many years ago was where it all started. It’s certainly where my life really started."

Jhudora’s Guide to Valentine’s Gift

‘Bleeding hearts of the world, unite! It’s time for the sappiest of holidays, Valentine’s Day. If you just recently felt like you took a dagger to the heart (rest in pieces old relationships), you may not want to celebrate such a love-filled event. And who could blame you really? But why should all the ones happily in love get to have all the fun? Valentine’s Day is a day to send your loved ones a message of appreciation, but why not also take the opportunity to send your past loves a message of, if not love, then of scorn and heartbreak? Some say the best revenge is living well and not paying any attention to your ex, I say pah! Anyone who says that just hasn't found the right gift that really shows what you think of your former sweethearts. Now, let’s get on with it! Here I present you with a non-traditional gift guide to the happy heart holiday, 13 marvellous gifts to send to that formerly special someone. Enjoy!’ Jhudora smiles at you with a crooked grin, and starts rattling off her list…

Five Clues about Illusen’s Mysterious Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day, and there’s just one question on everyone’s mind: Who is Illusen’s Valentine? The apple of Neopia’s eye, the beautiful and kind Earth Faerie is beloved by all Neopets who cross paths with her. As a champion of the weak and the poor, Illusen works tirelessly help those in need. Her selfless actions have earned her a following that spans the entire world of Neopia. From the top of Terror Mountain to the depths of Maraqua, Neopians travel far and wide to visit her glade in Meridell, eager to help the benevolent faerie with her quests. Though she is beloved by all, by the weak and the strong, by paupers and kings, she shows favoritism toward no one; regardless of status, she treats everyone with the same gentle kindness and understanding. Everyone, except for one person. Her mysterious Valentine. Though she declines everyone else’s gifts, witnesses report that Illusen eagerly awaits the presents that will occasionally arrive on her doorstep with a magical flash of purple and green light.

Spreading Love Across Neopia: Explaining the 5 Love Languages

Did you know there are believed to be 5 “languages” by which you may express and receive love? Regardless of the scientific merits of this claim, and the fact Neopets is not a dating site*, we would like to share what these languages are and how you might express them in a uniquely Neopian way! This Valentine’s Day, show TNT, your pets, and your fellow community members just how much you love them. (And we don’t necessarily mean love of the romantic sort. The ancient Altadorians had up to 8 different words for “love” after all, with different meanings and contexts – but we leave that as an exercise for you to investigate, dear reader!)

Other Stories
"A Wraithy Valentine's Day..." by starofcolors
Cassandra the Wraith Uni didn’t really have any personal quarrels with most of the events which happened in Neopia every year. She would allow herself to enjoy the new year, even though she didn’t truly believe in destiny, fate, or in resolutions. She could bring herself to feel some bliss concerning the faerie and pet holidays because she would also get a day off when Uni Day came to pass. She even secretly loved part-taking in the Gadgadsbogen Festival because it presented an opportunity to drink a full cup of her favourite drink: a Sunset Gummy Slushie. Yes, Cassandra the Wraith Uni didn’t mind being a Neopian citizen during most days of the calendar… except for one single day: Valentine’s Day. In the days prior to February 14th, she told herself that she didn’t really mind that people thought of Wraith pets as very evil creatures. She told herself that love and friendship were most likely only for very special people, like Fyora the Faerie Queen, so there was no shame in feeling lonely at times.

"The Lavender Room" by stella_123_5
Every tourist spot has its well-kept secrets. Things the locals love, but somehow don’t make it into the tourist brochures. In Neovia, one of those little secrets was a small shop named “Brigham & Becks”, or, as its most frequent customers affectionately called it, The Lavender Room. It was a cosy little building. All old-time Neovian charm, with elegantly weathered velvet curtains and large windows, the walls covered in flowery lavender wallpaper. Everything was served in beautifully painted plates, and in teacups with handles so delicate only a Neovian would have the courage to handle them. “What would you like today, ladies?” Lisa Becks, the current manager of The Lavender Room, asked. The blue Zafara smiled pleasantly at her regulars, a middle-aged pair of Ixis who came in for brunch every Tuesday, right from when her mother was the one running the shop. The yellow one glanced at her friend before replying. “Lisa, is it true? Does the Benvolio girl always come here? Are you friends?”

"A Late Valentine's Reunion" by rurirawr
Valentine's Day meant little to Tasha now. She had had enough of the holiday for as long as she could remember, though it seemed like she had spent her entire life at this point in time being reminded of how little she had to celebrate. The only one she had ever really celebrated with these past four decades was herself, but self-love didn't really count, did it? Buying a bouquet of red carnations was about the only thing she did which resembled a Valentine’s Day activity. It wasn't so much that she loved the flowers that it was merely a habit. Forty-five years ago, these carnations would've been gifted to her younger twin sister. She used to be able to remember the day vividly despite trying to push it out of her mind - the tragic day when Sasha contracted what seemed like a simple case of Sneezles, only for her to leave the world later that evening due to severe complications. It seemed like a distant memory she could barely recall now, and she hoped it would stay that way. She didn't want to shed any more tears.

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