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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Her favourite pastime though, before she was required to be home before dark, was to watch the sun set beyond the quiet gentle sea, and watch in the distance as the pods of Delfin jumped in and out as they swam to wherever they were headed.

A Regional Guide to Marine Petpets

Give the Neopian globe a whirl and you’ll notice about half the planet is covered in water. Considering the vastness of Neopia’s rivers, seas, and lakes, it should come as no surprise that the aquatic life of Neopia is just as varied as the terrestrial life above! The salt waters of Neopia are commonly broken down into the following seas: The Terror Sea, The Tyrannian Sea, The Central Sea, The Maraquan Sea, The Geraptiku Sea, The Lost Sea, The Shenkuu Sea, the Altador Sea and The Moltaran Sea. Some academics also consider the vast ice cap at Neopia’s southern pole to be a seventh sea, but this is a contested designation and given the lack of Petpet life observed there, will not be considered in this guide. There are some areas of the Neopian Ocean which do not fall within the confines of any of these Seas, but make no mistake, Petpet life abounds there as well.

Voyage Into the Maraquan Circle

The world of Neopia is a planet with two frozen poles (the north pole being where Terror Mountain is; the south pole mostly untouched by Neopian society), a giant continent with various climates (where most of the Neopian lands are), and one vast ocean covering the rest of the surface with water and scattered islands. FUN FACT: Neopia’s global ocean has 5 seas: * The Northern Sea (surrounding the north pole continent which includes Terror Mountain & Tyrannia; Sometimes called the “Northern Ocean”) * The Southern Sea (surrounding most of the south pole & Lost Desert’s west side; Sometimes called the Southern Ocean”) * The Legendary Sea (the waters between Altador, Lutari Island, Moltara, & the islands around them) * The Sea of Mysteries (the waters spanning the main continent’s east side, Krawk Island, & Mystery Island)

Incomprehensible Oceanography of Neopia Syllabus

SCI 1024: Incomprehensible Oceanography of Neopia Syllabus Welcome back to another course taught by yours truly! The smoke has settled since last time I emerged upon the scholarly grounds, this time with a new assistant at my side! (She’s still new, so be nice! OR ELSE!) Either I am truly beloved by Brightvale University or budget constraints have made them desperate for adjuncts. Regardless, I prevail! *AHEM* All of you benefit from my sage wisdom and knowledge of SCIENCE! Just call me Doc, everyone does. In prior classes, I explored the depths of Neopian lore. What better way of continuing those depths than by going to literal depths! Seeing as you willingly signed up for this course, you of course know that I speak of Neopia’s mighty waters. Far more than a bathtub, the countless depths are sure to hold some truly alien secrets that Neopiankind was not meant to know! But thanks to me, you too shall know! Some may go mad, some may perish… from excitement! All in all, you have made these risks aware of yourself upon entering a class instructed by me.

Other Stories
"Love And Times At Sea" by harvestmoon66
I often wonder why we act the way we act to ones we love and hold near, whether it is not appreciating them enough or taking a bad day out on them. I suppose it's true: you never know what you have until it's gone. I bite down on the already chewed pencil and try to drown out my worries. It helps only a little bit. Laying down my writing utensil, I rest my head on my battered notebook. I have to stop getting into these messes. My bad luck woes started on a watery sky day. I awoke at 9:30 am NST, groggy and tired. My white Weewoo tugged at my Red Acara ear, pulling a few strands of thick curly brown hair with her beak. Grumbling, I shooed her away, rubbing my eyes.

"Taking Flight" by parody_ham
When Mitchell “Cookie” Laysan left Wisdom behind to operate the lighthouse, she was heartbroken. Yes, he had been of advanced age, but that hardly mattered when he was the Lenny she spent nearly 50 years with. Neopians from the nearest town, almost 25 miles away, built a monument in his honour. Nice words were spoken, hugs exchanged. Flower petals covered the monument and the words, “Take Flight in the Storm” ringed the bottom with an etching of a lifesaving boat. After a time, the townsfolk left. There were fish to catch, scallops to can, oysters to farm, and none of it was on a lonely island in the middle of the sea. Yet she persevered.

"Le secret de la mer" by petitehirondelline
L’étendue bleue qui ondulait à perte de vue devant Ferita la révulsait. Le scintillement et le son apaisant des vagues l’avaient d’abord charmée. Après plus de deux jours sans avoir vu terre, cette danse hypnotique, ce va-et-vient continuel l’écœurait. Le soleil éclatant n’aidait en rien son état. Elle tentait de se faire un peu d’ombre en utilisant sa grande queue touffue. Son espèce n’est pas bien adaptée à la vie en mer. Elle aurait bien voulu avoir les nageoires d’un Flotsam ou les branchies d’un Koi. L’épaisse fourrure des Xweetoks s’imbibe plutôt d’eau rapidement, devenant ainsi plus lourde et ne lui permettant pas de nager bien longtemps. Un pelage plus clair...

Collectable Sea Shells

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