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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Nothing could compare to the fantasy of lights. They had ones shaped like rainbows, several shaped like trumpets and angels and there were a few with Santa Grundo and his eight tiny Uni! There were lights strung in the trees, lights wound around lamp posts. Every inch bled luminous colours!

Regional Variations in Holiday Celebratory Rituals

As we Neopians once again find ourselves in the midst of the month of Celebrating, we are surrounded by breathtaking decoration. In the shops, glistening displays are lined up, enticing Neopians with their festive cheer. In Neohomes, Neopets gather together to decorate and to cook, filling the air with delicious smells and an even more delicious atmosphere. For once, all Neopians, young and old, agree on something: everything is wonderful during this time of year. The celebrations bring up wonderful feelings of nostalgia, and brighten moods for the days to come. But did you know that this month's celebrations aren't the same all across Neopia? While you may be used to the decorated fir trees, sparkling snow, and steaming Borovan typically associated with this month, Neopia is a global community and has so many fun and wonderful ways of celebrating.

Holiday Gift Ideas From Neopia’s Most Notable Faeries

I’ve asked many of the most well-known faeries in Neopia for their ideas on some great gifts for your beloved pets and friends this holiday season. Since the faeries listed below have such varied interests, surely one of them aligns well with even your hardest-to-shop for gift recipient! Fyora, The Faerie Queen When asked Fyora said, “Oh well, of course, the best gift would be something nice from The Hidden Tower! We’ve got paint brushes, weapons, books, dolls, all of the highest quality!” When prompted for other options that may be slightly more budget-friendly, she responded, “Ah yes I had forgotten that perhaps some commoners may not have the Neopoints to do all of their holiday shopping with us… perhaps consider a lovely Fyora Hair Brush or a bottle of Fyoras Magic Hairspray for your beauty-conscious friends!”

The Best Holiday Trees from the Advent Calendar

Hello friends! It’s me Gonzo again, with another NT article! One of the most beloved holiday traditions is the Christmas tree. Setting one up every year makes for a fun family activity and it gets your Neohome ready for the holidays! So it’s no surprise that the ever lovely Advent Calendar has given out items relating to the classic Christmas Tree. It’s only fitting to the season! These trees can range from neohome trees to being wearable; or basically any type of holiday tree related item given out by the Advent Calendar!

Other Stories
"Darkness Meets Light" by parody_ham
A sharp, sweet smell surrounded me as I made my way through rows of perfectly spaced fir trees. There was a recent snowfall and in the early light, the trees glittered like crystalline ornaments. It was bright, almost glaringly so, but I did not mind it. This was, after all, my first time shopping for a Christmas tree with Lisha and her friend, Kayla. Only a month ago, the two ladies had scrounged up enough money to have a place of their own. This tree would be their first decoration, a celebration of their new home.

"The Snowager's Story." by tarulliah
Beth waited outside the cave anxiously. All she heard was the muffled sounds of snowflakes falling on the ground. Eventually, she heard the crunch of her owner's feet on the snow and breathed a sigh of relief. "I have your blanket," Tallulah, her owner, said when she saw Beth. Beth picked up the cherished item and rubbed it on her cheek. "Thank you, Tallulah!" she said. Beth had a long story. She had had several owners over the years, and times had been hard. One of her owners had been the Snowager-she had been forgotten in its cave as a tiny child.

"The Night Before Advent " by sin_hui_ryoma
‘Twas the last day of Storing, and well after bedtime One creature was stirring from dreams in the nighttime. The Bika lay sleeping curled up in her bed, With visions of toys and treats filling her head. Tomorrow would bring the first day of Advent, And with it some things to make one’s heart content: Some chew toys and carrots, a cute Petpet romper? She dreamed of the goodies her owner might find her. But amongst all the wonderful dreams of her yearning, One thought came to her which was very concerning. “Should I get her something, a gift in return?

Time For Celebration

This week's issue is brought to you by: Winter Starlight Celebration
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