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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

“There must be something out there,” Benjamin murmured. “Look at the stars. Every once in a while, they burn a bit brighter.”

The Library Faerie's Top 10 Books Around Neopia

Today we are going to talk about one thing: books. I am going to share ten awesome books that I hope you might take an interest in. They are from all parts of Neopia. From Lost Desert to Haunted Woods – books are here to stay. Anyway, I’m the notorious Library Faerie of the Faerieland Bookshop! I’m back again after my talk about my favourite glasses that I wanted to share with you all.

Interesting Facts About Usukis & Quigukis

Usukis have been the collector's craze of Neopia since 2001! While most Usukis are loosely based on existing feminine toys, some are just Usul items with the Usuki name, and some are just pink accessories. The cuteness of the unconverted Usul is what I think made them stick in the first place.

Tips for Aspiring Poets: How to Get Published

It is possible that you’ve read about a possible “Jack of all trades” avatar and thought to yourself, “it’s time to get cracking and send in a poem”. Perhaps you just want to add yet another golden trophy to your cabinet or get the chance to win amazing prizes. Whatever your reason is for entering the poetry contest, you have come to the right place.

Other Stories
"After the Slide" by 77thbigby
The silence was deafening. Just moments ago, a flood of earth and rock had thundered down the mountain. In sixty seconds, a small village had been obliterated. There were no survivors. Well, almost no one. Lan, a middle-aged Camouflage Skeith, had been returning from a trip and saw the disaster from a distant ridge. Helpless, he could only watch in horror as the only home he ever knew was completely buried.

"Looking for Meatballs" by werelupe_king23
It all started when a Steampunk Cybunny, Piper, was exploring Faerieland. She was beginning to feel hungry. Explorers needed all the energy they could get, after all. Piper liked exploring new places, and she had never been to Faerieland before. Stomach growling like an angry Grarrl, Piper thought of a delicious plate of Meatless Meatballs. It was her favourite dish, as she was vegetarian.

"The Silent Warrior" by tarulliah
It all starts in the Battledome. There was a warrior who fought there called SEAGLA55-her trainer, Tallulah, or tarulliah, as she was formally known, was very proud of her warrior. SEAGLA55 trained at the Mystery Island Training School. While Tallulah had many other Neopets, she put most of her attention into SEAGLA55. Or at least…so everybody thought.

Molten Morsels

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Alma the Brave Little Chomby
”Woah, there little one!” Scarlet swooped down and intercepted the little Chomby before she could wander into the cave. “That is no place for you.”

by rkbear


At least it beats feeding Kads... collab with the_gecko_dude_ii

by kuroneko_kitty


Spot the Difference Edition #16
Can you find the 10 differences? collab with chantluigi and sandralala

by not_sporty


Interesting Facts About Usukis & Quigukis
"Usukis have been the collector's craze of Neopia since 2001! While most Usukis are loosely based on existing feminine toys, some are just Usul items with the Usuki name, and some are just pink accessories."

by coolkaius


Soon a Squire
"A small farmhouse, far from the edge of town; inside, there was a flurry of motion as a family worked in synchronicity in preparation for the day at the market. Into bundles and pretty glass baubles, flowers were organised."

by rosemmary

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