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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Planning ahead as usual, Vanduck ran down the long river, jumping over jagged, slippery edges to reach the waterfall at the far end. Upon seeing the crest, he locked all three eyes onto the waterfall and slipped on a pile of pebbles underneath, sliding all across the wet stones and over the brink. After falling into the plunge pool, he managed to stay above the surface momentarily by smacking the water with his tentacles for propulsion. The rocks that followed his fall came down shortly after, landing on his head. All Vanduck's tentacles staggered at once and he began to slowly sink, unconscious. As his head was about to go underwater, his middle eye opened widely. Eruptions of volcanoes from a thousand years ago, erosion of river banks from centuries ago, his fall from above the waterfall moments ago - everything had become visible to the mutant's mind, including how to keep from drowning.

Mutant Pets, Should You Have One?

Mutants, what are they, are they dangerous? Should you have a mutant pet? What if they bite you? What are the social implications of owning this lovely monster? These are many of the common concerns one might have with these bizarre and genetically changed creatures but rest assured all your doubts will be answered in this article. And who knows? You might even want to get a mutant pet for yourself! (Mutant pet not included as part of this publication). Mutant pets are but the result of an alteration of their genetic code, this change created their strange sometimes scary appearances and characteristic aversion to wearing any clothes that don’t say mutant on them (such picky fashion sense). The origin of this mutation is varied, one reason your cute little baby uni might turn into a two-headed hissi is the use of the lab ray (map assembly required)...

Making Your Mutant Neopet Feel At Home

Congratulations! Whether from a Transmogrification Potion or a lucky zap from the Lab Ray, you’re now the proud owner of a Mutant Neopet! Excited about the possible adventures you and your Mutant Neopet will go on, when you get home you may notice that your Mutant Neopet isn’t quite as thrilled as you are and having a hard time moving around. Even if that passes, over the next few days you notice your Mutant Neopet having difficulty with activities they used to do as a normal Neopet in their new body. This is a common occurrence with Mutant Neopets, it’s a tough transition as they essentially must relearn how to do everything and what they are like now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help! Over the years many Mutant-based products have been made to help a Mutant Neopet get over this personal hurdle and enjoying themselves again.

Mutant Morphology Vol. 3

Welcome back to the final issue of Mutant Morphology! In this issue we’re covering species O through Z, including the final Mutant added to Neopia: the Vandagyre! Let’s get to it: Ogrin- Mutant Ogrins are quite an eyeful! Of course, they have three eyes with some interesting-shaped irises. Interestingly their tails are almost a whole creature in and of themselves, they turn into something like a carnivorous flower. That being said, they still eat their greens like any other Ogrin does. Their front toes get sticky suction pads...

Other Stories
"A New Home" by auxillia
The rain was coming down in sheets. Flashes of lightning lit the night sky and rolls of thunder rattled the windows of the manor's sitting room. To be fair, it wasn’t all that usual. A dark and stormy night was a common occurrence for a manor set just outside of the Haunted Woods. Seryphus couldn’t help but think that perhaps the owner had built here for that very reason. The Doctor did have a flair for the dramatic. The weather was so loud, in fact, that it was a wonder the mutant Hissi managed to hear the front-doorbell. The left head looked up from her book, the right from her crossword and, setting both aside, she made her way down the hall to the large oak door, being sure to grab an umbrella from the stand nearby.

"A Mutant Vacation" by precious_katuch14
Mystery Island’s Hotel Lane was a whole line of hotels, inns, and taverns with an unobstructed view of the seashore and punctuated at several intervals by palm trees and flowering shrubs. And at the end of this lane was a large, quaint, cottage painted in shades of peach and white, with a sign made from bamboo and seashells proclaiming it to be “Seaside Cottage”. Both the cottage and the sign looked like they had seen better days, with some shells either broken or completely gone, but they did not turn away the mutant Bruce who was staring at the front door. He glanced down the lane at the other hotels before staring at the small piece of paper which had “Seaside Cottage” written on it, along with its address

"Present For a Mutant" by ocxinthebreather
Another gloomy night in the haunted woods was about to begin. The sun was setting over permanent darkness, and in the Graveyard of Doom, Albert the Kacheek was awakening from another awful day spent resting alone. His head was pulsing, for more reasons than one. Where another may have held their head in hopes of appeasing the dull pain, Albert didn't. He simply could not bear to feel his own body any more than necessary, especially that hideous growth his head had become. Unrested eyes looked around, unmet by any reflection that could reveal his appearance to the Kacheek. He made sure of it. It had been years since he was cursed, cursed to be the eternal servant of the Esophagor...

Spooky Petpets

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