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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Fanny marvelled at the sights in the forest. Greenery everywhere, permeated with pinks and blues and other hues of exotic and splendiferous flora. She soon found a cobblestone path, and soon thereafter found a cobblestone bridge. “What a pretty bridge, hm child?” she asked the baby Kacheek, held close to her chest. The Kacheek merely snorted in response. Fanny took this to be a sign of derision. The Ixi frowned. “Well, perhaps you have seen much prettier bridges in what I assume is your much shorter lifespan, and perhaps I am no bridge connoisseur – but to me, this appears a bridge most attractive.”

An Inconspicuous Guide: How to Write Well Pt II

Hello again Neopia! Inconspicuous here writing to you bookslorgs after a hiatus since Week 230! It has been even longer since I have presented “An Inconspicuous Guide To Writing,” the last appearing Week 218.. Since then, I have been a busy little Buzzer; I’ve been travelling Neopia teaching Neopets from the depths of The Haunted Woods to the pristine beaches of Mystery Island. I tried to get to the Virtupets Space Station for a special lecture, but an incident at The Lever of Doom cut the event short. Last article I went over some of my personal pet peeves, which included: pronoun/antecedent agreement, misplaced modifiers, dangling participial phrases, subject/verb agreement, differences between 'who' and 'whom,' and commonly misspelled words.

Famous Peophins Throughout History

Peophins are a graceful, semi-aquatic species known for their unique anatomy of having both front hooves and a tail fin. Although naturally shy, it is said that they possess an inner magic and bring good fortune to those who cross their paths. It is unknown at what point they developed their tail fins, but it makes them strong swimmers and they can be found in all major water realms, including Maraqua, Krawk Island, and Kiko Lake. Over the years, a number of famous Peophins have made their mark on Neopian history. Let us learn a little more about these notable Peophins! Marak the Wave (Home: Altador) Marak is known for being one of the twelve great protectors of Altador and nicknamed “The Wave.” He had originally led a small underwater village...

Top 10 Signs you are Addicted to Neopets.com

Neopets has something for everyone. Whether you enjoy chatting with people from all over the world on the boards, customizing your pets, or testing your strength in the Battledome, you will always have something to do! It can be very easy to get sucked into the world of Neopia…This is where this article comes into play. 1: Pulling a Neopets all-nighter: One of my favourite Neopets memories was obsessively playing Faerie Bubbles for the avatar...

Other Stories
"Kaia's Secret" by essees
Kaia stood at the foot of Shenkuu’s largest cave, young and determined. Whispers of the cave’s magical powers had tickled Kaia’s ears throughout her childhood, captivating her with stories of the mystical beings that supposedly lived at the cave’s heart. Shenkuu lore was filled with stories of travellers who were blessed by the mystical beings, so long as they survived the trek into the cave. Like all beings, Kaia harboured a secret wish: that she was not the only faerie in Shenkuu. Her existence, even though she loved her dear friend Reizo, was lonely. Everywhere she went in Shenkuu, neopets marvelled at her, but never particularly wanted to befriend her. Kaia knew she was different, being Shenkuu’s only faerie, and she longed for just one faerie friend, and she thought that the cave was her best shot at finding others like her in Shenkuu.

"Another Neopian Landmark That Needs a Make-Over?" by midnight_spell360
Has your owner ever put you in the Neolodge in Central Neopia for a week or more? Well, my siblings and I, Harry_the_Toothless, go to the Neolodge on a regular basis. My sister, Kokariia, says that our owner must be worried that we might starve to death, so that’s why he puts us in. Like doing his dailies, almost, only it’s a monthly thing -- and it's a good thing that he’s concerned about our health, right? But this past holiday weekend we were surprised to find that, of all the Neopians that could show up to this established landmark, my favourite fashionista and patron of the Arts, Ms_Peppa -- or Ms. P, as she prefers to be called -- was there as well. Our very Purple Diva of Divine seems to have picked up an assistant, a young Stealthy Cybunny with lots of energy, and she’ll need it...

"A Fervent Desire" by fallingdaybreak
The sky had started to darken over the Meridell countryside, a clear signal that the day was coming to an end soon. Campfires for weary travellers were not uncommon throughout the land. Whether it was a resting point for someone on their way to Brightvale or even to the further away Faerieland, Hilda had never felt uncomfortable sharing a fire with strangers from lands far beyond. At this particular campsite, Hilda found herself surrounded by quite the motley group - on the rightmost log sat a green quiggle with a large backpack. If she had to guess, he was probably out to travel Neopia and all of its vast worlds. At the leftmost log sat a shadow buzz and a brown eyrie, and judging from the swords that hung at their sides, Hilda guessed they were mercenaries. But of the travellers that sat before the fire, one stranger in particular stood out...

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