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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

I had no means of memory at that time, though it is often misunderstood that the insentient do still have their sensibilities. Consider the leaves that flee when unwelcome breezes careen their way through the unmoving stasis. Dirt paths untravelled descend into overgrown oblivion, or matches reacting with fight or flight to friction. The trees that grow in search of light, from the confines of the soil as a seed to the trunked majesties of oak truncating the Haunted Woods. Where there is light, there is life. Even in undead thickets, we trick our ways into existence.

Edna's Nursery Rhyme Time

Greetings Neopians of far and wide! Welcome to Edna’s Spooky Nursery Rhyme Time! Once a year in the month of Collecting, Neopets gather around the campfire and listen to wonderful ghost nursery rhymes! So all of you Halloween loving Neopets wander deep into The Haunted Woods and enjoy this year’s Nursery Rhyme Time! The first nursery rhyme tonight will be about a dear old friend of mine, in the early stages of his life! Please enjoy the telling of The Halloween Draik...

This Years Hottest Apples

As autumn fast approaches, so does apple season - the orchards are brimming with the bright red fruit and ready for the picking! Luckily for you, we’ve done all the work ahead of time and we are here to tell you this season’s hottest apple flavours, guaranteed to make your party guests swoon and howl with delight as they pull it from your apple-bobbing tub. So go ahead, don that Apple Bobbing Bart Hat, light your Apple Lanterns and leave them out on the porch for everyone to see...

Odie's Halloween Haul: Reviewing Spooky Foods

Hello and welcome to Odie’s Halloween Haul! My name is Odie the Baby Gelert, and I’m here to report on the most important story of the spooky season: my trick-or-treating haul! I roamed the streets for hours, knocking on doors throughout the Haunted Woods, and now I’m going to review everything the lovely(?) residents gave me. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Other Stories
"Superstition" by cookiez101
Today was Vlad's day off. Tomorrow was Halloween, so he decided to spend his free time in the Haunted Woods to get in the holiday spirit. The silver Draik had just finished up purchasing some spooky treats — a candy corn pumpkin, a pumpkin chip surprise, and ghost marshmallows — when he caught sight of a pulsing amber and orange lump beyond the hill he was climbing. "Hmm. I haven't completed a quest for the Brain Tree in a while. That'd be nice to pay him a visit, and especially around this time of year," he pondered aloud. Decision made, he quickened his pace towards the Brain Tree. There's never a moment to waste when you only have one day off from work per week, after all...

"The Ghost Story Challenge" by parody_ham
It was a breezy evening in the Haunted Woods as three Neopians gathered around a flickering fire. Their shadows lengthened against the trees, making them appear distant and menacing. A chilling wind whipped past them, quaking the leaves like the sound of rattling bones. The smallest among them, a blue Acara in a bloodred robe, pulled her fabric in tight so as to make a cocoon. Within her grasp was an oaken wand, which she clutched against her body. Her ears perked up to the sound of a distant howl, as did two of her companions, a muscular white Blumaroo in light metal chainmail emblazoned with the crest of Meridell and a red Techo with a flowing white robe...

"Sophie and the Backwoods" by _polonius_
Sophie shook the bottle a little too hard and some of the purple liquid splashed out on the wood floor. Her meowclops Teddy licked at the spot obnoxiously and his tongue turned polka dotted. Sophie sighed and made a note in her spellbook. Sophie (infamously Sophie the Swamp Witch) was bored. She had been living in her shack alone since she was just a small Ixi, brought to Ilere the Earth Faerie by her brother Reginald when things in Neovia had spiralled out of control. Potions had been taken, lives were ruined … all except Sophie’s. Well, her life was inexorably changed. The only safe place for her had been away with Ilere. Except, of course, that in the end Ilere had...

Spooky Petpets

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