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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Sunny shook her head. ‘Light bubbles are unpredictable, and air will just fill up the arena more. I mean, the fire row will help, but once you’re close enough to get to them, you’ll have made too many shots. Game over.’ ‘That’s where you’re wrong,’ the older Cybunny replied, a grin spreading over her face. ‘You said it yourself – unpredictable. That’s the beauty of it. It could go wrong, but it could also go right. You just have to have faith that your luck can change in the blink of an eye.’ ‘Or you could spawn earth bubbles and end the entire game,’ her granddaughter couldn’t resist pointing out. ‘But you never know until you take the plunge and try it for yourself!’

Species Customization: Skeith

In celebration of Skeith Day, I am taking a look at their species specific outfits and dressing up these strong giants in a variety of ways. They have mainly masculine sets, but for several of them I have made suggestions to how you can alter the look to suit your female Skeith. Let`s open up the closet and take a look at how you can make your Skeith look their very best!

Exploring Tyrannia's Dung

Our intrepid team of reporters hit the streets this week with one great big heaping question to answer: How did dung become so important in Neopia? To find the source of all the excrement, we travelled to the prehistoric land of Tyrannia and asked the locals what they knew about the history of dung. Few were forthcoming; their dung secrets were harder to...

The Best Foods for your Beloved Skeith

With Skeith Day approaching, you will want to make sure you celebrate your pet Skeith as much as you can! Be sure to play their favourite games with them, take them to their favourite places and enjoy as much quality time as possible! Some owners may not know what the best gift is for their beloved pet. If you want to do something really special for your Skeith, we have the perfect plan for you...

Other Stories
"A Well-deserved Break for Tea" by akezis
One week since Charity Corner began had passed, and it was time for a small break. Granny Hopbobbin had been working hard to help the inhabitants of Dacardia rebuild their lives and their damaged home, but age came with not only wisdom but also a physical price. In her younger days, she would have been able to spend whole days on this kind of charitable projects, but being in Neopia for so many years had caused her to get tired more easily. With time, she learned that she needed to take breaks more often, so as not to lose her ability to keep working despite her huge motivation, especially during these hard times for the Dacardians, whom she really wanted to aid. She and captain Rourke had agreed to meet up once a week to see their progress on their tasks...

"The King and the Witch" by bashmina_pashmina
The Werelupe King burst through the thick fog with a howl. Crokabeks—massive, ugly, noisy, green ones—scattered and took flight with displeased squawking as he loped across the damp grass. A Spyder—massive and ugly—screeched at him from a distance. The accursed beasts around here refused to migrate somewhere else, but they had at least learned to stay out of his way. He slowed. The fog was unusually heavy tonight, and it obscured everything. Fortunately, the familiar scent of the burrows could be sniffed out even from miles away. He didn’t need his eyes to navigate. Still… something about the fog felt off, and he didn’t like it. Dozens of distant howls answered him then, confirmation that his pack, his underlings, had heard the call...

"Wishes Come True" by faeriemelly
High in the sky above the world, there was an intense heat that was hotter than a raging forest fire. A comet called Minerva was passing over, guided by the help of Mira, the Space Faerie. Thousands of asteroids were being ejected from the bright ball of fire, making it look like a flurry of shooting stars from the land below. Mira was using her magic to force the dangerous asteroids on a safe course, away from Neopia. She had been doing this for hours, and the end was finally here. As the comet finally passed by, Mira heard a strange noise off in the distance. It sounded like crying. As she listened closer, she could hear the voice of an anguished female. The voice was soft, but there was power in it. She was making a wish. The words that were whispered stuck a chord in Mira's heart...

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