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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

I have successfully contained a portal to the Void Between in one room — no creatures can come into our realm, but trespassers may fall into theirs. To further unnerve them, I have a room entirely filled with the skulls of my vanquished foes. Of course, there are also the old favourites of rooms filled with scarabs and wadjets. I even have a death ray hooked up in one room, on loan from the despot, Dr. Sloth. It is important you have fun torturing captives — try to personalise your traps wherever possible. When you are done playing with your victims, return them out the front door and they will surely flee in terror. Or, better still, guide them to your dungeons and make use of them in your experiments.

Getting Your Daily On - Benefits and Pitfalls

Getting Your Daily On - Benefits and Pitfalls What is a daily? On Neopets, a "daily" is a to-do item that you can do every day. Typically these are just link clicks to a free item or free neopoints. They can also be a chance to get a site avatar or get a rare item. In this article, I will be going over various dailies and explaining the benefits and pitfalls of each one. You’ll notice that I don’t list or go over each and every daily. Here are the highlights: Healing Springs: Two options show up when you visit the Healing Springs. You can either ask the faerie to heal your pets or browse the shop. If you chose healing hit points are restored to your active pet. Sometimes fully and other times not. However, in the shop you can purchase items...

Don’t-wait-for-reset Game Trophies

You know how you always hear that you should try for this or that trophy at the beginning of the month, as it’s much easier because of reset? That’s absolutely true, most trophies are a lot easier to achieve in the first few days of the month. However, this strategy leaves you with nothing to do for long periods of time, when you can only practice and wait for reset. But what if you’re feeling bored and want to add some shine to your user lookup during that time? What if you have a lot of free time towards the end of the month and decide to spend it on account improvement? Rest easy, as there are actually plenty of trophies you can acquire - or at least work towards - at absolutely any time! Let’s look at them together...

A Definitive List of the Top 10 NC Mall Collectibles

The NC Mall Collectibles is a monthly tradition that started in August of 2009. Every month, the NC Mall features a Limited Edition wearable item for 250 NC. You can always count on these collectibles to be unique Neopia-inspired items that really tie the NC Mall to the lore of the site. These items are part of a themed series and the series changes every five months. If all five items in a series are bought...

Other Stories
"A Faerieland Day in Neopia Central" by bobajfett
Kora the Blue Poogle pouted, dramatically flopping down on her bed as she looked at her mother, Eppa the Purple Poogle. It had been over a month now and the young Poogle was as listless as can be. She had gone from pacing the house to trying her hand at gardening and even had a go at painting to no significant satisfaction “MOM, I’m…” Kora trailed off. “BOOOOOOOOOORED!!!” Eppa looked at her restless daughter who was now hugging a pillow and rolling around comically. “Sweetie,” Kora’s mother was ever so patient...

"Willow's Calling" by devotedly
Willow the Weewoo shivered as she breathed in the cool Spring air. The seasons had just changed, and she had not become accustomed to the new breeze that Spring brought with it. She ruffled her feathers and caught a glimpse of her reflection in the morning dew gathering on the sprouting flower buds. She was, as any Weewoo were at this young age, as plain as could be. Her feathers were that of a muddy brown and she sighed as she began to puff them up. Soon, Summer would be coming and she would have to decide what kind of Weewoo she would like to grow into, sooner - rather than later.

"The Origin of the Magical Wand of Magicalness" by pixie_tea
What is a true friend to you? How a true friend is defined is different to each Neopian or Neopet. At times, a Neopian or Neopet may not truly know the meaning of a true friend until they come across one. Would you like to hear a story about a friend and the impact they had on my pet and me as well as how the Magical Wand of Magicalness came to existence? You would? Great! Let us take a walk together and I will lead the way. We do not have that far to walk. I really want you to meet my pet, Karainbow the Pastel Kacheek, because after we meet up with her, the telling of the story...

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