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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Okay!! I’m done!! Amy closed her notebook and ran down to the post office. She snatched an envelope and folded her story up and submitted it directly to the Neopian Times! I hope they love it!! She had applied herself and all the knowledge she gained studying those other books and put it into practice. The dedication she showed to her story was bound to make her family proud, even the authors of the books she learned from would be proud of her if all went well! The following days were agonizing for Amy, as she waited and waited for a response. She would check her mailbox twice a day, and even double-check with the mailman as he came by to see if he was forgetting her letter somewhere. The days kept dragging on, and her patience was starting to wear thin. It was hard for her not to discuss this with people in her life as the anxiety grew.

Gear up for your trip to this year’s Altador Cup

What to pack for your trip to this year’s Altador Cup So Altador Cup is just around the corner and Neopians from all across Neopia will head over to The Colosseum for a month’s fun of ballin’, cheerin’, slingin’ and shootin’. So, what exactly do you need to pack and bring from home for your trip to Altador? And if you’re not much of a fashion avid, this guide will suggest 1 or 2 props or gadgets to bring on your trip to join in the festive cheer. After all, you’re going to be in Altador celebrating the cup season for a good month. That’s a long trip away from home and you’ve got to be prepared. We’ve compiled a list of wearables, accessories, props and gadgets that you can get at your local shops to prepare yourself...

AC Coverage: Catching up with the Players

In an effort to provide the dedicated fans with more information regarding your favourite annual sporting event, the Altador Cup, we sat down with several players for a brief interview about how they have been preparing for this season. We met just after a full day of team scrimmages prior to the start of the season on the Cup’s practice fields in Altador. Timu “The Paint Brush”, Centre Defender from Team Shenkuu, waves at several of her former Altador teammates before joining the press conference. Meanwhile, Teylor Nix, Left Forward from Mystery Island, dashes over and is first to take his seat on the interview panel, a testament to his speed in the arena. Swooping down from...

The Poetry Contest: Frequently Asked Questions

So, you’d like to start entering the Poetry Contest? Great! You may be wondering why you should enter. The reason why is that you can earn trophies and prizes, as well as the satisfaction of seeing your poem published. Or, if you have been entering, but still have a few questions, I’d read this, too. I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions based on my Poetry Contest experience: Q: What should I write about?

Other Stories
"The Prince's Decision" by fallingdaybreak
No one had spoken to him. So far, so good. Dinners at the castle always started with the same lecture from his father: “Sit and stand up straight, speak in a loud, clear voice, do this, do that.” It was always the same lecture every time, so much so that Jerreth had grown numb upon hearing it. It was almost as if he was being set up as a good example. But in every lecture, Jerreth explicitly remembered a singular phrase his father repeated: “Try not to embarrass me.” Jerreth sighed silently upon remembering it. Every time he said those cursed words, it sounded as if every move Jerreth made was an embarrassment. He would never please his father, nothing would ever be good enough for him.

"Mending Fences" by nick_and_nickette
"Ugh", Hanso complained as he and Brynn rode on an Apis caravan under the scorching desert sun. "Do we really have to go, Brynn?" The Kougra said, "Yes, Hanso. Queen Fyora sent us to deliver this artefact to the Qasalan royal family." He scoffed, "You mean that dusty golden sceptre we found deep in the Faerie Caverns? The Queen said there's nothing special or magical about it, so why does she care about it so much?" Brynn groaned, trying to not lose her rather scant patience, "Because it is important to their history - that sceptre was made for the first ruler of Qasala, and, well, Fyora wanted to give it as a present to King Jazan and Queen Nabile." "And couldn't she have sent any of her guards...

"Between Eighteenth and First Place" by ma_trojas
Earmuffs, earmuffs, earmuffs, where are you? Prytariel murmured to herself as she walked through the locker room, peering down each row and scanning the bench for them. She had almost finished putting away her gear for the day when Minae said their team was needed for (yet another) press conference, so Prytariel was trying to collect the scattered pieces of her uniform. She didn’t exactly need to keep her ears warm in order to explain to the reporter that yes Terror Mountain had lost again today, of course, she’s still proud of all her teammates and fans, and no they don’t plan on succumbing to the winner’s curse, but it was important to her that they looked the part...

Legendary Petpets

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