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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Soon they passed into the old city: the inner ring, or Xantan’s Pot as the more uncouth locals liked to call it. The air itself felt ancient, and the lofty white walls seemed to watch over the chaotic district below with elegant disapproval. Though the arts of their construction had long been forgotten, their majesty remained.

Which famous faerie matches your personality?

Each and every young Neopian looks up to faeries, being the magical, powerful, and mystical creatures that they are. In particular, there are many unique Neopian faeries who have very special roles. Have you ever wondered which of these famous Neopian faeries you’re most similar to? Well, wonder no longer! Take this quiz to find out. You could be the almighty Fyora, the queen of Faerieland; Jhudora, the malevolent (misunderstood?) dark faerie; the Soup Faerie, the most kind and generous faerie of all; Aethia, the strong warrior Battle Faerie; or the Tooth Faerie, a positive and upbeat lover of dental hygiene. Just go ahead and answer all the questions below, making sure to keep a running count of how many a, b, c, d, and e answers you select! When you reach the end of the quiz we will tell you which faerie represents you best.

Choosing the Right College for Your Neopet

What does your Neopet want to do when they grow up? Do they want to own a shop? Be a doctor at the Hospital? Work on the Virtupets Space Station among Neopia’s most cutting-edge technology? Regardless of what your Neopet wants to do, a college education provides a substantial advantage to their chances of being hired and getting into higher up, better-paying positions in whatever career they choose. This article will detail Neopia’s most notable colleges, what they offer for your student, and the most important part: what you’re going to need to pay to get your Neopet through all 4 years. Bargain Picks These colleges are relatively cheap for your Neopet to attend, with fees and tuition averaging 25,000 to 50,000 Neopoints a year, and may not have the best reputations, certainly not as highly esteemed as the likes of Brightvale University. Don’t discount them, though, they have unique programs based on their locations and may be just what your Neopet’s looking for.

Surviving the Lost Desert: Flora!

Hi there! I’m Io, your friendly neighborhood guide, and I hope you’re enjoying your visit to Sakhmet. I hear you want to start a trek across the desert? It’s a more beautiful journey than most would think, but it’s definitely quite treacherous if you’re not prepared. Today we’re going to talk about 4 fruits that naturally grow in these conditions, and how they might make or break you trip! You might be surprised by how much life you can actually find growing out in these harsh conditions.

Other Stories
"But I'm Just a Grape" by amsurito
Let me introduce myself. I’m Brannigan Leo, but you can call me Brannigan… or Leo. Actually, I’ll respond to anything, as I really enjoy attention. Anyway, I’m a Grape Chia. I usually hate grape-flavored things, but Magical Chia Pops have a certain sweetness to them that leaves you licking your fingers- I think. I actually don’t have any fingers anymore because I’m a grape. I’m still getting used to this transformation, but being tiny is generally pretty awesome, and my morning breath smells like grape juice. I have three sisters. They’re much older than me. My owner, Amsurito, has been around for a long time. She often tells me of the olden days, back when Faerieland rested on a magical cloud in the sky (absurd concept) and some weird board game was all the rage- what was it called again? Key Quest or something? Anyway, things have changed a lot in Amsurito’s time. Kejolica was her first pet, from back in Y12 (the olden days). Kejolica, despite being ancient, is actually a baby because she was blasted by a Baby Bruce named Boochi, which is a long story. Anyway, the point is that my sisters are all elderly and should probably be painted with an elderly paint brush..

"Don't Judge a Book by its Cover " by kiaxxl
A re you sure about this, Cornelia?” Shara sighed, looking across at her sister as they walked down the dark, damp corridor. “I’m sure! I’ve got a good feeling about today, I know it!” Cornelia said with determination, eyes focused on the door ahead of them. The dingy, slightly wet corridor they were walking down lead to the infamous Secret Laboratory, run by a dubious scientist who could change the attributes of any pet. Shara had finally saved up enough money to buy a secret map to the location of the lab and all of her siblings had volunteered to go under the strange effects of the ray. After watching her older sister Shara transform into a lovely Faerie Wocky, Cornelia begged to visit the lab every day to change her plain green coat into something more spectacular. Today however was perhaps not the best day to visit. “I already told you, what if you get zapped into something you don’t like for the first day of your new school tomorrow? We won’t be able to visit the laboratory until you return home” Shara reminded her, worried. “That’s why I need to visit today! I don’t want to be just another Green Uni that blends into the crowd, the new girl that everyone forgets. I want to be something exciting for a good first impression!” Cornelia exclaimed, looking at her sisters beautiful pink coat and yellow wings in admiration. “Well, if you’re sure… but don’t blame me if anything goes wrong” Shara sighed, pushing open the rusty old door to the laboratory room. “Trust me sis, nothing will go wrong.” ------- “I CAN’T GO TO SCHOOL LIKE THIIIISS!” “…I did warn you.”

"Harker's Story" by tanikagillam
So. You want to know how this story began. Of course you do. I’d want to know too, if I were sitting on your side of the table. Of course – there aren’t really two sides of the table. We’re on the same side, you and I. The table is just a metaphor for our positions. I mean yes, we are sitting at a literal table. Me on this side, you on the other. In a rather uncomfortable chair, might I add. But it’s what that table stands for that matters, wouldn’t you agree? Oh, yes, alright. I’ll start at the beginning. Although, actually – I might skip forward a little, if that’s okay with you. You see, there are a lot of details involved – and they aren’t all relevant. For example, the true beginning of any story which incurs my involvement would include my birth and the subsequent twenty-something years thereafter. I say twenty-something and not a specific number simply because I’d like to maintain some air of mystery (and perhaps dignity), even as you’re pulling up my file on your database. Naturally, my birth itself is irrelevant in relation to tonight’s events on the whole, excluding the events that led up to me being in that alleyway in the first place. Perhaps that’s where I ought to start this story – with the alleyway. It’s fitting, because that’s where you come into the story, sir. Do you recall the first time you met me in that alleyway? Of course only the one crime had been committed at that time, and we met purely by accidental chance. That was last night. You know most of what happened that night – I assume that’s why you were in that alleyway in the first place. Alright then, Defender, I’ll tell you my story. But remember – we’re on the same side here. Can you loosen these handcuffs a little, please? I’m cramping slightly. Thank you.

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Today we’re going to talk about 4 fruits that naturally grow in these conditions, and how they might make or break you trip!

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