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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Impressive. Yes, very impressive. You certainly do make a good thief...

Smooch: The Top 5 Valentine Petpets!

Valentine’s Day is upon us and it’s no secret that every Neopian and every Neopet is excited for the possibility of the release of some new Valentine Petpets! Wait… What’s that? You didn’t even know that Valentine Petpets existed? Well… maybe that’s because there are currently only 11 different varieties of Valentine Petpets in Neopia (before Valentine’s Day 2018). With that said, some of the Valentine Petpets that already exist are quite remarkable – and adorable! And they’re precisely what we’re here to discuss. Here are (in my opinion) the Top 5 Valentine Petpets in no particular order *wink*. 1 – The Valentine Cirrus Although it was tragically abandoned by its brothers as a child, the Cirrus is an endearing Petpet that takes the shape of a cloud. The Valentine Cirrus, suprisingly, deviates from the form of a cloud and takes the form of a cute plushie with strategically placed stitching (nice eyebrows, V-Day Cirrus!).

Terrific Treats: The Tastiest Wintery Foods

During the winter season, many Neopians wonder what they should eat for their holiday dinner. Of course, the most important part of the meal is dessert. :P There is a myriad of choices which a Neopet has to deal with, and the options may seem overwhelming at times. To determine which foods were our favorites, my Baby Kacheek Walda and I tasted some wintery-themed desserts. We have listed our favorites below: -----Bakery----- Winter Snowflake Cake Me: Here you go, Walda. --serves cake-- Walda: Christine! Vanilla is BOOORRRRINNNG! I want CHOCOLATE! --other customers stare-- Me: Eat it anyway. It's better than nothing. Walda: --takes a bite-- It tastes like sugar. Me: --takes a bite-- The vanilla taste is very subtle, as if it was a ghost. The sugar's presence is much more noticeable. The crunchy white chocolate snowflakes are a nice touch. Walda: Did someone say CHOCOLATE?!

Potion Peddling: An Overview of the Magic Shop

I. Introduction It is no secret that Kauvara is one of the best potion-makers in Neopia. Have you ever used a morphing potion on one of your pets? Have you ever bought a potion to heal it after a tough fight in the Battledome? Have you ever used a potion to boost your pet’s stats? Chances are that you’ve used a potion that Kauvara's created at one point or another during your time in Neopia. Her potions, in fact, are so popular that many people visit her shop to snag some of the valuable potions she sells—namely her morphing potions. Kauvara's Magic Shop (often shortened to “Magic”, and, in this article, will henceforth be referred to as either “Magic” or “Kauvara's”)

Other Stories
"Mundo The Grundo vs The Alien Aishas" by randmar
Up in the Virtupets Space Station, not much malicious happens these days. Especially with Dr. Sloth barely being present, except to drop off some Transmogrification Potions hoping to grow his futile army, there is not a lot of drama that strikes down on the local Grundo population living in orbit around Neopia. As such, the newer generation has gotten pretty skittish. You see, they have grown up with all the stories of the space station’s upsetting past. They heard about all the terrible experiments Dr. Sloth did up there, they learned all about the tragedy that was Neopets V2, and they have heard the all too common story of a rogue Grundo getting sucked out into the atmosphere, disappearing into a black hole and never to be heard from again. There is a lot of scary lore striking fear into these young Grundos...they spend their days wondering what will be the folly of their generation, what is the next wave of bad news to come and will it strike them or wait for another few generations... This fear lives especially strong in the head of Mundo, a Green Grundo who was born and raised on the Virtupets Space Station. His parents had a bit of an unusual method of rearing him, where they thought the way to make him behave and do his best was to strike fear into the depths of his heart. Sure, he behaves and he is a perfect picture of what an upright citizen should be...but he also faces severe anxiety, the tiniest Mootix can send him into a frenzy.

"Grundonia, the Unknown Planet" by hatsuomi
Grundonia is a small community that it’s located in some place of the galaxy, it exists because some Grundos escaped from Dr. Sloth’s hands, so that, not everyone knows about this place. This fairytale starts the first of January of Year 19, yes, that’s the day that Grundos wake up… Before that, they had horrible lives, once they escaped they needed to rest in order to forgive everything…Or almost everything… Relti, a sorcerer ice Grundo, made a spell to sleep everyone for 10 years, but the day came, everyone wake up, some of them didn’t know their names or even their own colors. There was a little Mallow Grundo, called Apaf, he’s the only mallow with purple eyes, his family were part of the royalty highness from Virtupets, once Sloth arrives, they decided to send him across the galaxy with Relti’s help landing in Grundonia; Apaf can perfectly fits everywhere, he wake up and he knew that he needed to do something to save his species. As I said before, not every Grundo have this power of mind to remember things through sleepy time, so, they wake up and they didn’t know what happened before that. Apaf ask Relti for help, he needed to recruit some Grundos in order to invade Virtupets and face Sloth’s plan, he also wanted to reunite with his family and save all the species. Relti with his last drop of Magic sent a signal to the galaxy waiting for heroes to show up… And they showed up, three space travelers appeared at the same time in front of Apaf and Relti, they didn’t believe that someone received the "Call of Help"

"Identity Crisis:Part Two" by debbie1188
You mean you're devotedslothminion!?" No matter how he tried, Smaug just couldn't process this bit of information. Ted, the infamous devotedslothminion, was Lichen? How could this be? She'd been lying to everyone this whole time? But the depth of the deception! She'd seemed genuinely scared when she met Sloth at that party for Team Virtupets. She'd relied on Smaug for emotional support, or so he thought! When all that time she was secretly a minion? To think he stood up for her in front of the others! But who could fake being that terrified? The amount of intelligence and effort she must have put into her cover. He simply could not believe what he was seeing. "Smaug," said Lichen, her voice wobbling slightly with tension. "This is your little brother, DrSlothWannabe. Crazy, this is Smaug_of_Erebor, your big brother." The wild-eyed Moehog walked up to the startled Hissi. Smaug's first instinct was to back away, but he felt Lichen's hand at his back. If the gesture was supposed to comfort him, it wasn't working. "Have we met?" said Crazy, scanning Smaug's facial features with an invasive stare. "You used to be green, didn't you." "I – I don't think we have. Unless..." Smaug tried to think back. Lichen had bought that camouflage paintbrush shortly after his first ever trip to the Neolodge. They had met a young Moehog there near the end of their stay, noteworthy in that he seemed rather more interested than the average Neopet in hearing them talk about their owner. "You were Abe?" Crazy raised an eyebrow towards Lichen. "Told you, Ted."

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