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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

It seemed that after several wars, these Neopians still had not learned that the Darkest Faerie could not be left to chance, no matter how optimistic the situation looked. They had underestimated her before, and now they were about to make the same mistake. After consulting Jerdana on the type of time spells that the missing book in the Altadorian Archives contained, Biscuit ascertained that the Darkest Faerie was going to take advantage of the congregation of Neopia's most powerful leaders and try to freeze them all in time, effectively erasing them from the planet.

Freezer Burn

Although we all know summer's fast approaching, what people forget is that winter's also coming. In celebration of the diversity of the seasons, here are a few of my favorite 'fiery' and 'freezing' foods to enjoy no matter the season.

The 7 Yooyus

In order to really enjoy a game of Yooyuball though, and to have the chance to rack up lots points for your favorite team, one needs to truly know how each unique Yooyu really works while out on the field during a fun game of Yooyuball.

Afternoons at Exquisite Ambrosia

But a few weeks before the Altador Cup, before the mass migration of spectators, the teams themselves quietly slip into the city to gear up for the tournament. They train in the stadium and discuss logistics and regulations with the Altador Cup Committee—and when they need some downtime, they head to Exquisite Ambrosia.

Other Stories
"Tangor's Assistant" by theoriginaltali
There is a shop, a tinkering shop. This is where Neopians of all shapes and sizes go. They take an item, a clock, a thingy-ma-bob and see what Tangor can do with it. He fixes it, cleans it up and make it real nice so you can show your friends it looks brand new and unique once he is done! The line for his workshop is far out the door and from morning to night he has lots of customers galore. They love his imagination and what he can do, just with a few extra pieces or two. He was always busy, and not much time to snooze. Tangor was even a bit lonely too, even though he saw customers every day, they never stay very long. "I need a holiday, a break from work. A rest would be nice... but what about my shop? I can't close it while I'm gone can I?" Tangor said while thinking of ways he could escape to even just his bed! "Ahah!" He exclaimed, "I know just what to do! I will hire an Assistant to work here too!" That was just what he needed, someone to help with the work load and share his passion for tinkering and maybe be his friend too. So with the great idea in mind, he called up the Faeries over at the Employment Agency to advertise a job vacancy for him. Someone who loves tinkering and has imaginative ideas for toys. "This is great! They will advertise the job and recruit and interview for me, so now I can keep being a busy-bee" he said.

"Nice Guys Finish First" by extreme_butterfly
Aero the Faerie Ixi was a bookworm. He loved learning about new things and how they worked. He was interested in reading about all the lands of Neopia and what it would be like to one day visit them all. Aero was the top of his class at Neoschool and was on his way to being valedictorian. If the other pets needed a tutor, he was the first the teachers would ask. Aero was also the first to be asked to complete the lazy pets homework in exchange for 2k neopoints, which he never agreed to. One day Aero was glancing at his calendar and saw that Summer had officially began. Hot days,relaxing by the pool with a good book, and also the Altador Cup. Neopians from all lands compete to become the Altador Champion. Although, Aero knew all about the cup, he never really thought of participating. Everyone was excited, they couldn't wait to choose their teams. Aero, couldn't wait to read the article in the Neopian Times about it. Then the thought crossed his mind, "What if I played this year?" After much consideration he decided that he could learn a lot from it. Also, maybe his name would appear in one of those articles! Aero quickly flew out the door to where sign ups where happening. When he arrived, the line was really long and full of athletic pets.

"A Hot Heist" by drifbilim
"The Ice Crystal Shop could make a fortune down here,” Inhi muttered to himself as he wiped another coating of sweat from his brow. He hadn’t even entered Moltara proper, he was still waiting in the elevator queue on the surface. But it was insufferably hot—even for a Hissi like himself. There was a shadow Cybunny a few spots behind him who was more sweat than fur, and Inhi hoped that the Cybunny didn’t come here expecting a vacation spot. He sure hadn’t. Moltara was hardly even a tourist spot anymore. The novelty of a new land had worn off, Moltara didn’t have anything to offer unless one was looking for ore, or a specialty item. Food was subpar (not that that was particularly surprising from a city built in a subterranean tunnel), and there was only so much lava one could look at before it was a part of the scenery, no different from snow or grass. And the average hour long wait time to even enter the city threw a lot of Neopians off. It threw him off, really. But he didn’t have much of a choice. It was lucky that he didn’t have to come here often at least, because he was coming up to the part of the trip that he absolutely loathed. Security check.

Step Right Up, Scholar

This week's issue is brought to you by: The Wheel of Knowledge
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A player trade can bring salvation to an Altador Cup team or doom it to the dregs of last place. As anyone knows after eleven years of fevered competition, team loyalty is a big deal out in the audience, and conflicting emotions run high when a treasured star is traded to another team.

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