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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Maybe, at first, Hark had little reason to be suspicious of what was happening. The Day of Giving ball had started, and he’d made his way to the ballroom, positive that Elleri, the Royal Blumaroo, would be there to intercept him and take over as she always did. But he was wrong, and she was gone. He’d been formally introduced and pushed through a curtain following the sound of two trumpets, and suddenly he was taking great, careful strides down the stairs as every noble from Shenkuu to Moltara gawked at the massive Werelupe who came down the stairs in a linen, ruffle poet’s shirt and silk breeches. He hurried off to the back wall, careful not to pull down the drapes or knock over a candelabra. He was feeling unsure, and exposed, and a slow anger was building in his stomach. But Elleri was his friend. She wasn’t so cruel as to leave him. What if something was wrong?

8 Easy New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

Picking your New Years resolution can be tricky, as we all know that they can be VERY difficult to actually stick to! Here is a list of 8 resolutions that are not only easy to stick to, but they’re also mostly extremely cheap or free (that’s right! You don’t have to invest hundreds of millions of neopoints into completing your stamp album). Even more than that, these resolutions are all intended to either help you form a stronger bond with your pets or simplify your life here on Neopets.

Hannah's Adventures: the Pirate Caves

Hannah has always been one of my favorite neopian characters, honestly, and I pretty much think her games are some of the best there are. Having this in mind and with my urge to write another article for The Neopian Times, I decided to finally write a guide for one of Hannah’s games. There was one problem, though - I couldn’t choose only one. So, the solution was to write a guide for all of them! That’s right! For the following few weeks you’ll be able to read my guide for all of Hannah’s adventures and I hope you’ll become a great fan of her just like I am.

A Tribute To The Ogrin

Every year on the 28th day of Celebrating, we honour the Ogrin! In terms of popularity, this species hasn`t exactly risen to fame and glory, it currently takes the 40th place on the list of Neopet Popularity, based on pets created by users. In this article, I want to bring the Ogrin out into the spotlight and hopefully raise some awareness about the species. Every Neopet deserves to be loved, and although the Ogrin does have devoted fans and doting owners, having a few more in Neopia wouldn`t hurt.

Other Stories
"It's All in the Presentation" by 77thbigby
A roar of rage came from the Rainy Hollow Armoury. Lofty wrinkled his nose at the sound and entered the long building. To his very great surprise, a baby Skeith stood in the middle of the space, meaty hands clenched, green eyes glaring. Lofty approached the other baby, unsure of the stranger. Then, it came to him in an instant. Lofty knew who this was! “Brawnson!” Lofty exclaimed, thick blue fur bristling in shock. The baby Skeith turned to face Lofty. “Yes.” “How did this happen?” “Boochi happened. If I ever get my hands on that Bruce…” Brawnson’s words hung heavily in the air. Lofty barely managed not to shudder. “Thank Fyora Split Paint Brushes are cheap,” Brawnson muttered. “You’re not going to stay baby, then?” Lofty asked. Brawnson stared at the baby Yurble as if he never seen him before. Then, he snorted. “No, I’m not. Lofty, you know I’m the armourer of Rainy Hollow. How can I do that if I’m a baby?” Brawnson’s green eyes still shone with heat. “Have you tried?” Lofty flicked his cinnamon roll ears as he looked at his friend. “Why would I do that?” “Why not?”

"Loyalty" by azienskieth
A Weewoo flew through the window of a rather plain Neohome, toting the latest Neopian Times. Rimos took the newspaper, thanked the small Petpet, and went to flip to the comic section for a laugh that early morning. Instead he received a shock. LAST DARIGAN GENERAL CAPTURED, exclaimed the headline on the front page. The Battle for Meridell had ended over two years ago, and only now did they say that all of the worst of the war criminals had been found and imprisoned. LAST DARIGAN GENERAL CAPTURED King Skarl announced yesterday that his army had captured General Kroge. During the Battle for Meridell, Kroge was one of the closest allies of the principal antagonist, Lord Kass. Two years have passed since Lord Kass was defeated and disappeared, and at long last, General Kroge has joined his fellow criminals in the dungeons of Meridell Castle. The most recent capture before yesterday was of General Wrak ten months ago. "I appointed a team of highly skilled soldiers to hunt for the worst Darigan outlaws shortly after the war ended," Skarl says. "They are the best that money can buy, but unfortunately, these Darigan fellows proved to be very crafty and skilled in evading capture. However, with the capture of General Kroge, I can safely say that the entirety of Kass's Upper Command is under lock and key."

"Lana: Surveyor of the Storm" by mbredboy31
It was a sunny and perfect day at the port near the edge of Neopia Central; Lana, a lab coat wearing Island Lutari, was sitting on a bench, staring at the waves and the myriad of ships. It had never before occurred to her just how silly-looking the Neopia Central port was; there were what would be called pirate ships, flying Shenkuu junks, fancy yet dated Lost Desert ships, very primitive-looking rafts set out for Mystery Island, and space-boats with engines that looked like they were way too powerful for sailing. The ship Lana was preparing to board, however, was a somewhat Moltaran-looking, steam-powered ship, as if the Moltarans had any use for water-bound ships. It was mostly gray, with a few bronze-colored accents. While she sat there, she decided to pick up her gray, bulky, suitcase-like machine up off of the bench next to her, and opened it up; it was a weather detector. This was, of course, a modified and compacted version of a weather probe that Dr. Sloth had sent to Neopia some years back to collect weather data; any evil mastermind worth his evilness knows to check the weather before unleashing a genius plan. For Lana, however, in this case the machine simply proved the obvious; there were no clouds in sight and it really was a perfect day.

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A Tribute To The Ogrin
In this article, I want to bring the Ogrin out into the spotlight and hopefully raise some awareness about the species. Every Neopet deserves to be loved, and although the Ogrin does have devoted fans and doting owners, having a few more in Neopia wouldn`t hurt.

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