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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Terror Mountain had always been a pretty short stage, but it was even shorter in this game. Doctor wasn’t that bad, and Eirika was still getting those sick pauses. Arthur had spent most of his points on getting Doctor group healing and shielding, and hadn’t spent any on the anti-sickness thing. Once again, at the end of the chapter, there wasn’t any scene that went back to the spaceship. Instead, there was Eirika, and Doctor was checking up on her. He merely said that she didn’t have too much time left. By this point, Arthur had gotten completely immersed in the story, and from his heart he wanted Eirika to continue. She was sick and had troubles, but she still perservered, and he wanted to win too.

Dr. Sloth:
Evil or Not?

When you think about Dr. Frank Sloth the first thing that pops up in your head is some wicked olive green dude obsessed with neopian world domination, giving out mysterious transmogrification potions that turn pets into horrifying creatures. There's no possible way that this guy could be anything but bad. Or is there? Before you start flooding me with hate neomails and throwing me onto Florg's dinner plate (again), really try to think about it. Is Dr. Sloth really a bad guy? Were his actions really villainous? In this article I will prove that the negative stuff you heard about Dr. Sloth are actually positive. Also, I promise that I'm not being payed or threatened by Dr. Sloth to write this article because he's way too embarrassed about what he did, so he needs some way to make his deeds look acceptable so Neopets can stop sending him the extra monthly bills for the damage caused by the last Return of Sloth plot.

20 Things To Do in Neopia

Good morning fellow Neopians! I am a member of the newest pet species to Neopia, the Vandagyre family. We were first born just over a year ago, on the 15th day of Storing, Y16. At the time of writing this article, I have been here for 372 days. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. When I first arrived in Neopia, I was very lost and disoriented. At first glance, Neopia seemed like an overwhelming place to explore. I was dropped off in Neopia Central with my fellow pets, and we were only shown a few nearby places. The rest was up to me and the other Vandagyres to figure out on our own. In retrospect, I wish that someone gave me a list when I first arrived, like a bucket list of the best things to do and see in all of Neopia. That would have really helped to get me started on my travels, and to figure out what places to visit first. I would like the next new species that comes to Neopia to have a better starting point and know where to begin on the grand tour of their new home.

Holiday Worthy Backgrounds

Winter is finally here and with it comes the wonderful season of the holidays. And what better way to express your excitement and love for this beautiful month of December than dressing-up all your beloved Neopets with the most festive clothing found on Neopia? It surely is one of my favorite things to do. So you start to search for all the cool winter clothing and items on your wardrobe… But careful, clothing is not everything. NO outfit is truly ever complete without the right background to go along with everything else.

Other Stories
"Supply and Demand" by vanillafilth
There was a time when they fell, when they were avalanches waiting to happen, nightmares of the claustrophobic. Around every cave and stream, in every nook and cranny, they were there. Since the world took its first breath they have scattered across every land in Neopia, as far down as the depths of Maraqua. Rocks. Rocks have been a constant for all of eternity, unassuming little things of great variety. Flat ones, round ones, strong ones, brittle ones, dark ones, light ones, and many other distinguishing qualities. No two are exactly the same. They’re fascinating in that regard, and it should certainly provide some comfort when you ask for a Weewoo and your mother insists on a pet rock instead. What your mother clearly doesn’t take into consideration is supply and demand. As established rocks are abundant, sure, but do mothers ever stop to think about the fact that every mother and their mother is telling their kid to get a rock? Evidently not. There was a time when the youth ran about with their Warfs and curled up on the couch with their Meowclopses, but those days are slipping away. Parents these days have become disillusioned- having had their fun with a furry companion as a youngster, they don’t feel the same void that their children do, and insist that a rock is a perfectly sufficient pet. Such is the case with little Berdamont the Korbat on one sunny afternoon in the bloom of spring.

"Recruitment Day" by the_pie_love
My father always had high hopes for me. From the day I was born, from the day he gave me my name, I was entrusted with tremendous expectations. And Father always tells me, “I’m just trying to give you all of the things my parents could never give to me.” He was Zachary Wentworth, the smiling face on the logo of Wentworth Plushies Inc. And so, I've never felt like my identity was mine to choose. I've always felt that the name that my father chose for me set in stone who I was destined to become: Hunter Wentworth. At age five, Father enlisted the help of Jaf--a foreboding and very grumpy old Lupe--to train me in hand to hand combat. My heart was in archery, but my father stifled my love of archery in favor of continuing my battle training. Jaf would try uselessly to teach me about all manner of blocks, defensive stances and weak points, but to no avail. I just couldn't do it--I couldn't handle the idea of fighting another Neopet. It was just too cruel. But my father was a stern krawk; he had Jaf train me for nine years. Then, on a fateful day in Year 15--just weeks after my fourteenth birthday--my father shuttled me off to to heart of Sakhmet, to the royal palace. It was the fifteenth of The Month of Running. Recruitment day.

"A Trip to the Woods" by 77thbigby
Lightwater Forest was true to its name: light and airy with widely spaced trees that had tall straight trunks and a sparkling stream that wound its way through the forest. It was unusually warm for a late autumn day, with a brisk breeze rushing through the canopy, occasionally sending a shower of red and gold leaves spiraling to the ground. It was one of the most beautiful places in Neopia. At least, Gracy certainly thought so. She smiled down at Rooty, her Tawaret, as they followed the stream’s course. The pair of them lived in Meridell. They knew the forest well. Gracy could still remember the first time she had ever happened upon Illusen’s Glade while exploring the forest as a child. She had known the Glade was located somewhere in the forest and that the great earth faerie Illusen lived there but it had still been a surprise to stumble across it in her explorations. Illusen had been her heroine ever since. Gracy was a very busy carrot Chia. Her work took her far and wide. Returning to Meridell was her greatest pleasure. She always made sure to visit Illusen when she was home. Visits with the great earth faerie were as soothing for Gracy as a spa day was for other Neopets.

Hibernation is my Favourite

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When you think about Dr. Frank Sloth the first thing that pops up in your head is some wicked olive green dude obsessed with neopian world domination, giving out mysterious transmogrification potions that turn pets into horrifying creatures. There's no possible way that this guy could be anything but bad. Or is there?

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