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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

I spent my first couple of weeks as a fully-grown Krawk hiding in the guest room, mumbling under my breath. The family learnt not to pop in too much. I was clearly overwhelmed to say the least, and it didn't help that my efforts at communication sounded like an attempt to speak Tyrannian. Embarrassment was a new and terrible thing for me.

Vegetarian Zombies

After the release of the Zombie Paint Brush, many owners found their beloved pets were staggering around moaning, "Braaaaains." But what about the poor zombies who are vegetarians? This article was written for those owners who want to keep their pets away from the Brain Tree, Mutant Kacheeks, and very intelligent Neopets players. *cough* So read this, and please hurry; I just saw a group of zombies planning a field trip to see the Brain Tree (no need to pack a lunch...)


Hovering between uncertainty and despair, crippled by the loss of the use of the Shop Wizard, you cry into the Neopian darkness, "Is there no one who could help me with my quest?" And as surely as the sun will rise on Coltzan's Shrine, an answer is returned to you, "Yes, gentle friend. Help is waiting for you on the Quest Chat Board." Simply select "Quests" from the Neoboard Index and help is just a click away. After all, the kind folks in here are willing to...

Serving Up the Berries

The inhabitants of Mystery Island have come up with a wonderful new game. It is called Berry Bash and is dashing good fun. I say dashing as that is what the Kougra you control does for kicks. Rufus the Kougra has a very important occupation. His job is to feed the many hungry customers berries grown on Mystery Island. Tourists are quite patient. They are too busy enjoying the sights of Mystery Island to complain. You can take your time serving them...

Other Stories
"The Story of Baby Angel" by ilovefoxtrot
My owner became absolutely starry-eyed and declared that my petpet was such a Baby Angel. I decided to humor her and told her that's what I would name it, Baby Angel. Apparently I have a dormant sense of irony. As soon as my owner dropped us off at home and left to go earn more neopoints, my pet's eyes went from angelic to devilish in three seconds flat...

"A One Act Play Concerning Mendelev the Kacheek" by spunk1
"Why? 'Why?' he asks, the hardened criminal of the day! Yes, yes, I'm sure you have your speech planned out to the last innocent plea. 'Let me play the wrongly accused, let me pretend to not even know what crime I have committed,' you have said, as I am sure you have, to yourself. Well, let me assure you, this nonsense..."

"Story of a Scriblet" by popdoom
I gasped, realizing where I was. The Beauty Contest, wow! It was every Scriblet's dream to find oneself in the halls of the BC, with so many grand pieces of artwork to admire and, of course, scribble on! Such was the job of a Scriblet, to ruin artwork and articles. A grin spread across my face. I prodded my crest of spikes, licked my lips, and set off. The first step I took...

It's A Bad Day To Be A Block

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