Preparing Neopia for the Meepits Circulation: 176,435,075 Issue: 336 | 28th day of Running, Y10
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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"AUGH! A SPYDER!" Well, that wouldn't do at all. Jhudora, Faerie of the Dark and Unpleasant, trembling before a little spyder? It would be like Sloth and that pink underwear fiasco.

Neoschool Know-It-Alls

That's right. You know they exist! You've seen Sarah, that stuck-up Zafara who runs the Help Desk, right? And what about AAA, that Blumaroo who brags to the point of physical pain? Let's not forget Lisha, that brainy little kid who tries to hog Jeran all to herself, to the wrath of many a fangirl. So, I'm sure you're now asking yourself, 'how will I ever keep myself from seeming to be a know-it-all?' A very good question indeed! However, not all of you readers out there need to worry about being seen as a know-it-all in Neoschool...

Space For School?

Neoschool has finally arrived, and the Pets of Neopia are breathing a collective sigh of resignation. No more spending days lying in the grass to stare at the clouds above. School supplies are being fetched from the darkest corners of safety deposit boxes after months and years of lying idle. 227,663,858 Pets are planning to... Wait, there are 227,663,858 Pets in the world of Neopia?! At the time of writing, there sure are. While educating all of Neopia is a wonderful and noble plan, a question of how all of these Pets will fit into Neoschool...

Crying Neopets

It's happened to many of us before. We posted a message to the Neoboards, only to discover that our Neopet in the tiny Active Neopet box underneath our usernames was crying from hunger. Or we forgot to cure our pet of Chickaroo and it's been sick, continuously, for a week or more. Or maybe our Neopet's mood just went down naturally, and we forgot to play games with it, groom it, and give it toys to enjoy. By now, nearly everyone on Neopets has noticed the...

Other Stories
"Who I Am, Who I Will Be" by sarahleeadvent
I never wanted Neoschool to open for real. It was fun to read about, when it was all a dream; but there's so much of a difference between watching the people in a storybook walk through the front doors and stepping up to them yourself, seeing them loom up above you as if they're going to swallow you whole and never let you find your way out again. I know not all of the other kids felt this way...

"Don't Worry, The Gravity Works Just Fine" by pinata_novia
In this 'land of petpets' there happens to be a hole. A very dark hole. Piñata was extremely excited when she saw it; it was just big enough for Spike to fit down. Spike cowered in fear as he slowly inched forward to peek down into the hole. For a second, it didn't look like he was going to go in, but then Piñata 'accidentally' bumped into him, and he went squealing down the hole...

"A Way for the Willing" by rainbow_mist_wave
Lindy fiddled with her pencil. She'd been put in the advanced Neoschool classes, and it bothered her. She studied only a little, had an average amount of motivation in school, and it wasn't like she got hundreds on every test. She was normal, just like everyone else. She didn't think she was that special. One way or the other, though, she was still stuck away from her friends until lunch. Lunch was a totally different world...

Thwart Their Warty Ways

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