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Short Stories

The Missing Shopkeeper

"Kara the Kau was a familiar face for many Neopians. She had managed to do the impossible..."

by orlytheowl
Our brother, the king

"It was just like any other day in the Qasalan palace..."

by nick_and_nickette
Secret Origins of the Factory

"Many have heard of the fabled Grundo known as 'The Grundo Thief' – as if he does not have a name..."

by surging
From Kass' Right Hand: The Early Days

"Growing up, we knew him as Uncle Kass. He was always kind to us as children..."

by parody_ham
A Hero's Journey: As Told

"This is the story of a hero. Not me, but I’m in the story, at least?"

by precious_katuch14
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"A Hero's Journey: As Told" by precious_katuch14
This is the story of a hero. Not me, but I’m in the story, at least? It’s been a family tradition to have a knight from every generation. You already know Sir Reynold, who fought in the Meridell wars, mentored many knights who are still in service today, and of course, had two sons he raised to follow in his footsteps. The firstborn was me, your dear old dad. I believed I would inherit my father’s sword, and become the next warrior in the family. That is, until my little brother was born and totally ruined my life. Don’t tell Rohane that. On second thought, he already knows that. Heh. Well, it doesn’t matter, because he’s the hero in this story. Father taught us swordsmanship, hand to hand, even stuff like reading, writing and arithmetic, lessons you need to become a good little page, before you become a good little squire. I can’t remember why Father never took Rohane and me to the castle to learn there. Maybe he wanted us to stay with Mother, maybe he just wanted to spend more time with us here at home. I do remember that I hated Rohane for picking up fencing faster than I did. I was so jealous of him that I was always trying to one-up him, until one day I went too far, and we got into trouble. I should never have been jealous of my brother. I should’ve realized that there was nothing wrong with both of us carrying on Father’s legacy. Unfortunately, we would carry Father’s legacy sooner than we thought.

Other Stories


The Ripest Mynci Beach Volley Ball Tournament
"This tournament has drawn in Mynci teams from all over Neopia, each one eager to show off their skills and take home the coveted trophy." Collab with daschuffita

by actiontal


10 Birdy Petpets for Your Feathered Friend
"You’ve just adopted a new feathered friend – Eyrie, Pteri, Vandagyre, Lenny, it doesn’t matter. As a big bird Neopet owner, I guarantee they’re going to only want the best of the best when it comes to Petpets."

by draik_bianca


Illusen's Quest
"Illusen stared at the Dark Faerie's outstretched hand. Her mind was no longer thinking straight..." Collab with knightwolfalex

by rurirawr


A Corsair Among the Stars
"To say that tensions were high would have been an understatement..."

by zennistrad


Faellie Tales 03: Again, Again!
History repeats itself.

by coco6468


Something has Happened! - Jubusul

by jjensen687

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