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Short Stories

On Wings of Spring

"You bob and weave on the battlefield, exchanging jabs with a brutal mercenary. You duck a punch, dodge a back fist, and expertly trip your opponent up as she aims a kick in your direction. Another victory!"

by rosesncream
Looking for Meatballs

A Cybunny looking for a snack makes another discovery instead.

by werelupe_king23
After the Slide

"Just moments ago, a flood of earth and rock had thundered down the mountain. In sixty seconds, a small village had been obliterated. There were no survivors."

by 77thbigby
Soon a Squire

"A small farmhouse, far from the edge of town; inside, there was a flurry of motion as a family worked in synchronicity in preparation for the day at the market. Into bundles and pretty glass baubles, flowers were organised."

by rosemmary
The Silent Warrior

"It all starts in the Battledome. There was a warrior who fought there called SEAGLA55-her trainer, Tallulah, or tarulliah, as she was formally known, was very proud of her warrior."

by tarulliah
Alma the Brave Little Chomby

”Woah, there little one!” Scarlet swooped down and intercepted the little Chomby before she could wander into the cave. “That is no place for you.”

by rkbear
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"After the Slide" by 77thbigby
The silence was deafening. Just moments ago, a flood of earth and rock had thundered down the mountain. In sixty seconds, a small village had been obliterated. There were no survivors. Well, almost no one. Lan, a middle-aged Camouflage Skeith, had been returning from a trip and saw the disaster from a distant ridge. Helpless, he could only watch in horror as the only home he ever knew was completely buried.

Other Stories


Who Needs New Avatars? Bring Back the Old!
"Whenever I try to think of a topic to write about for the Times, I always come back to avatars. They are my favourite thing about Neopets, the single, ongoing goal that keeps me on the site day after day for over six years. They are frustrating, disappointing, and incredibly satisfying to collect."

by bouncyhanyou


The Non-Pirates of Krawk Island
"From the desk of Hawise Minthamm, Brightvale scholar, folklorist, and journalist."

by hyperspacebeing


A Walk in the Woods - Part 2
"What was usually only a ten-minute visit was more like fifteen today. My watch now read six forty-five in the morning. I continued down the path to Neovia and enjoyed the spooky scenery as my feet went from a dirt path to greeting the cobbled walkways of the town."

by cyber1ofkakoradesert


And Time Stood Still - Part 2
“Hey!” a voice called again from the entrance to the fishing cove, “What are you doing here?!”

by kaitlinhoneybee


A Sweet Faerietale
Think outside the box (of chocolates!)

by queen_potema


Blossoms~ Coming to Light Part 1
It's not about the money! It's about the experience!

by twillieblossom

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