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Short Stories

The Endless Night

King Altador was already awake when he heard the resounding jingle of the Altadorian Palace’s bells... Collab with carmyyyyy and crazy_mia

by ichiruto0
Give and Take

The snowager finds himself in an unusual predicament...

by jaydeed
An Eternal Empire

Look upon the great city of Geraptiku, seat of a glorious empire. A city that will last forevermore.

by alli_draggy
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"Give and Take" by jaydeed
High in the mountains, safe in his cave, the Snowager stirred restlessly on his bed of treasure, waking from a deep sleep. What had disturbed him? Naughty Neopians sneaking in to steal his precious items? He'd blast them! They woke him constantly, tiptoeing or flying in, snatching neggs, books, even weapons from the vast hoard he'd worked so hard to collect. Why just yesterday he'd blasted the same Bruce twice! No respect for him at all. He needed to get tougher with them. Maybe set up better defences. Icicles that fall on command, or possibly a device to hurl snowballs at any intruders. Maybe Donny could take a break from mending toys and build him something. Grumpy old so-and-so though…

Other Stories


Cosying this Winter with the Xweetoks
As Christmas draws near, let us take a moment to appreciate the family and friends around us! collab with masters_united & _arkham_asylum_

by breakeven


How to Earn at Least 50,000 Neopoints a Day!
Here’s a little guide for new or returning users that might help you build up those bank accounts a bit faster than usual!

by _celesteroids_


The Coffee Tavern: Beginnings
A new barista finds her place at The Coffee Tavern...

by cyberfall


Brothers in Stars
An exhausted Reuben does his best to guide Rohane and Mipsy through the simulation!

by precious_katuch14


Usul Games Crossword Puzzle
How well do you know the Usul games in Neopia? Collab with milla_mussi and garrafa_de_plastico

by javascripter


Might want to be more quiet next time...

by cuchatenador

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