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Short Stories

Faerie Fables - The Soup Faerie

As time went on, the Neopets became less wary of the young girl that entered the forest.

collab with Tarons

by devotedly

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Are you sure about this, Cornelia?” Shara sighed, looking across at her sister as they walked down the dark, damp corridor.

by kiaxxl
But I'm Just a Grape

I’m sharing this story because I think that there are probably plenty of Neopets out there, or even their owners, who experience something similar.

by amsurito
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Which famous faerie matches your personality?

Each and every young Neopian looks up to faeries, being the magical, powerful, and mystical creatures that they are. In particular, there are many unique Neopian faeries who have very special roles. Have you ever wondered which of these famous Neopian faeries you’re most similar to? Well, wonder no longer! Take this quiz to find out. You could be the almighty Fyora, the queen of Faerieland; Jhudora, the malevolent (misunderstood?) dark faerie; the Soup Faerie, the most kind and generous faerie of all; Aethia, the strong warrior Battle Faerie; or the Tooth Faerie, a positive and upbeat lover of dental hygiene. Just go ahead and answer all the questions below, making sure to keep a running count of how many a, b, c, d, and e answers you select! When you reach the end of the quiz we will tell you which faerie represents you best.

Other Stories


The Unexpectedly Educational Features of Neopets
Would you ever have imagined that designing and decorating a virtual house in a game could introduce you to interior design?

by jaylahcat


Surviving the Lost Desert: Flora!
Today we’re going to talk about 4 fruits that naturally grow in these conditions, and how they might make or break you trip!

by _kyndle


The River that Flows Eternal
If there had been any mages walking the Wide Plains that morning, they would have felt the wave of energy in their very bones.

by movie138music


Avatar Goldmine
Congratulations! Meggily now has increased Level! Rysony rolled his eyes. How many more times in his life would he have to hear the Techo Master repeat this chant?

Edited by rabbits_forever and lil_red_raider

by wizzkid_


Legends and... Letters? (Part 03 - Dr. Sloth)
This time Dr. Sloth receives an interesting message...

In collaboration with _kathy_2004_

by _annefrank_


The Pant Devil Attacks
Crime doesn't pay

collab with sessduh

by kieselcamper

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