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Short Stories

Usuki Singing Stars #44: Usuki-Conned

“I can’t believe you guys got us Usukicon passes!!” Patricia squealed as she followed her friends inside the convention center.

by downrightdude
Do You Believe in Magic?

Within the grassy meadows of Brightvale, there lived a caring and compassionate Purple Lupe named Snazztacular.

by _brainchild_
Hunted Wraith

The cold air blew into Sasshields room as he opened the window. It was night, there was a grand full moon out, and the stars could be seen clearly.

by luvdisc_123
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An Adventure into the World of Smoothies

Summer is the perfect time to break out the blender and try out some refreshing, vibrant, and delicious new smoothies. Whether transforming a bundle of fruit into decadent smoothie bowls or drinking them directly from one of those decorative mason jars, there’s nothing quite like a smoothie to provide that refreshing energy boost for you and your neopets to tackle the day! The last time I visited our local Smoothie Store in Neopia Central, I gathered a list of six enticing drinks on their menu that I wanted to try making at home with my own neopets—all it took was our trusty Green Kacheek Blender, and one trip to the Marketplace. Now, I’d like to share these easy, affordable, and fruity recipes with you!

Other Stories


A million NP in a month, how feasible is it?
1 million NP in a month, how hard is it to earn? Let's find out!

by rossthereddragon


Your 5-step guide to mastering Raiders of Maraqua
Have you ever thought about getting the Raiders of Maraqua (ROM) avatar, tried and failed to learn the game on your own, gone looking for a guide, only to find that all the existing ones out there are just… inadequate?

by stargirl089


Chronicles of the Darkside: Keys to Fantasia:Part Two
Chapter 2: So the Faeries are WHERE?!

by fire_earth_aqua__77


The Sisters of Pillar Grove:Part Six
Wingen exhaled deeply. He made it, but just barely.

He knew that time was of the essence, so he made sure to accomplish his task back at the palace with haste.

by blueys45


Digivices Spinoff Comics - ALTADOR CUP!!

by devotedly


Good Game
Surprisingly, Yooyuball is not even the most dangerous sport around. Looking at you, chariot racing.

by pokemon_master_a74

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