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Short Stories

The Toymaker

Snow fell in a hush on black rooftops and parapets, softening the look of decorative spikes and giving white wigs to gargoyles. Firelight flickered in hundreds of windows, creating a swarm of stars in a sea of dark stone.

by cosmicfire918
The Fleapit Hotel: A Review

Are you in need of a vacation? Do you simply need a relaxing weekend away from your noisy neighbors who blast Jub Zambra or Gruundo at all hours of the night? Would you like to stay at a luxurious hotel with all the amenities, including a restaurant, indoor pool, and a fitness center? If you said yes to any of those questions, then the Fleapit Hotel is not for you.

by kristenbb1
The Pirate King Files - Saving Princess Lotus

Night had fallen on Neopia Central, and outside of the Defenders of Neopia's headquarters, a pink Aisha named Mimi was pacing.

by ezel68
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The Background For The Neopian Times

Have you ever looked at the background of the Neopian Times, and wondered why there is a Red Lenny wearing a cookie costume? Perhaps you`re curious to know the names of the various petpets and items scattered across the image that make up the backdrop of our beloved newspaper? If not, I hope this introduction has piqued your curiosity, because in this article I will be looking at the very background of the NT and revealing the names and origins of everything featured. Plushies: Blue Chia Plushie This miniature Chia plushie is finished to a high quality of detail. It is also ideal for both Chia-lovers and owners who wish to train their pet to hunt Chias. (That would be Lupes...) Starry Uni Plushie This plushie is r98 (so it`s not only Rare, but Ultra Rare!) and will set you back about 100k if you wish to add it to your gallery.

Other Stories


It's a Garden Palooza!
Springtime Gardening is in full swing!

by absol_wolf


Forming Healthy Habits
During the Winter months, it's so easy to get weighed down with the cold weather and hearty food choices. Poor weather conditions and warm comfort foods - Royal Cheese Bread, anyone?

by cottontailcat


A Queen's Ascension - War:Part Eleven
Sankara knew she was beaten the moment Tomos and Vyssa had arrived with their armies. The Sakhmetian army, with all its might, was not prepared to battle international armies with backups ready to reengage even if they did defeat this first wave.

by dudeiloled


Searching a place:Part Seven
Chapter 7. A Coup of Luck, Kreludor and The Mountain of Terror.

Also by acespades1, charliews & hits

by nacil30


Don't mess with me
lookie here..

by _gizmo_stern_


Ink: Inversion - Part 4
And meanwhile, your whereabouts are suddenly classified. What's going on?

by june_scarlet

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