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Short Stories

Friday: The Problem with Bandages

As he was perusing through Lost Desert's infamous Osiri's Pottery shop, known for selling the finest pottery and Earthenware in the land, he heard an awful ruckus...

by vanquishee
Super Secret Club: The Cookie Crumb Trail

In the garden of number forty eight, Rainbow Lane, Neopia Central, stands a tree house. But this is not just any treehouse. This treehouse is the headquarters of the Super Secret Club.

by xpninja
You Snooze, You Lose

King Skarl stifled a laugh. He's not competition, he scoffed. Eating berries in the Turmac Roll was hardly practice for a contest of this magnitude.

by the_lady_j
Doctor's Orders

"He might be scary and a bit gruff, but he is still a very good and efficient doctor," the Blumaroo muttered back.

by anti_guy
Shadow Gulch

It is early July when the relentless glow of summer falls upon this contemptible place.

by xxskyisfallingxx
The Second Interview

"Sweete! Sweete! Wake up, you've overslept!"

by sushicat1__20
Origin of the Eventides

'I was the first to come forward.'

by sunwreaths
Surprise, Surprise!

As he was dreaming about battling a strange Chia warlock with an even stranger moustache, he was woken by a loud rap on his door.

by psychedelicreature
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"Doctor's Orders" by anti_guy
"I don't like it in here, and that doctor is kind of scary," the young Kacheek whimpered to his brother as they were leaving. "He might be scary and a bit gruff, but he is still a very good and efficient doctor," the Blumaroo muttered back. Scary, but efficient. I've heard those before...

Other Stories


Pesky Game Avatars - Snow Wars II Edition
Winter festivities and snow are going to be upon us in no time (or maybe already are!) So let's get a new avatar to show off for the occasion!

by fr0zenpeanut


The Top 5 Worst Advent Calendar Gifts
None of these are bad gifts. They're just far from being the best.

by emilyralphy


Hotshots: Part Three
"He used to be Guild?" Paselle asked dubiously. "Can we trust someone who used to be Guild?"

by saphira_27


Of Menaces, Hopes and Icky Space Food: Part Six
"Alright, paws in the air and spare me the screaming, it'll just make you look stupid," a familiar steely voice ordered. "We are taking this station over in the name of Dr Frank Sloth."

Art by ssjelitegirl

by ssjelitegirl


Revenge of the Fir
Not everybody is excited about the month of celebration...

by kristofferson


Turmaculus Misadventures
Patience is a virtue.

Also by sarah2396

by bha288

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