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Short Stories

Making Sense

"So, what did you and my uncle talk about?" Brandi asked immediately.

Adino smiled. "Brandi, Alpha Inc wants me to teach you about your senses."

by 77thbigby


"The storm scaring you, munchkin?" I queried even though the answer was obvious, tugging the blankets back to peer at my brother's frightened expression.

by melina322
The Trouble With Being Joe

Peeking cautiously from behind the net curtains in her living room, Joe spied a cloud Uni and baby Poogle having a pretend tea party in the park in front of her house.

by pillarbox
The Ghosts of Neopets Past

And then I saw her.

Straight ahead, huddled in the snow, was a scrawny Green Gelert.

by reewuh

Dreaming in Color

Our story begins with the inspiration of the bright young Library Faerie, who wanted to share the eloquent faerie tales of her land with all of Neopia.

by amethyst_81
The Traveller's Search

For hours he searched, furrowing uselessly through the forests and across small streams.

by ameliorates
Apples and Oranges

Sometimes, there is no middle ground.

by crazy_holly_ii
Old Snargan's Bet

The coin spun in the air...

by ellafell
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"The Trouble With Being Joe" by pillarbox
She hoped that maybe if they got the chance to know her they could look past her slight... problem. The issue was, no one would ever get near enough to her to talk to her properly. She'd been trying to figure out for years how to overcome this problem, but to no avail...

Other Stories


Getting into the Art Gallery
Tips to give you a better chance at getting published in the Art Gallery, no matter what you believe your artistic ability to be.

by usukii


New Neoboard Proposals!
I was happily chatting with some strangers on the Help Neoboard when a certain subject came up: what would make a cool new Neoboard, something Neopia has been needing for years?

by indulgences


The Princess Calling: Part Four
The entire kingdom was in danger.

And nobody had a clue.

by puppy_girl252


Once a Thief: Part Six
"Enough with your nonsense! Do you realize what you've done?!"

by crazy_4_sushi


Um.... Fishing?

by happy_things


Random Events :U
Something has happened!

by andy94174

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