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Short Stories

The Finals of Altador Cup 20

We're glad you could join us today folks! After many days and many games, we're finally at the finals of the Altador Cup 20!

by dr_tomoe

Many Neopians who are not familiar with Kiko Lake culture have no idea the significance of the bandages that adorn the Kikos' heads. Many of them just assume that Kikos are simply accident prone, but the truth is far more complex...

by sockmonk
The Legend of the Quiggle Runner

Neither feathered arrow nor mud nor distance stays this courier from swift delivery.

by kadface
Unlikely Encounters

"I'm sorry, Nitri, but I doubt you'll ever be able to play yooyuball again."

by partigirl2
Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Trouble on the Moon

The truth was that Chloe wasn't a secretary, but a Defender. Her secret alter-ego, Morphica, was the newest of the Defenders heroes. However, her family couldn't know the truth.

by kristykimmy
A Screechy Situation

"That wasn't the neighbors, silly Poogle," Hasiera replied. "That was their Kadoatie. They're known for constant wailing."

by honeybee_462
The Fluffmeyer Chronicles: Fortune's Hostage

It's been a part of our routine for as long as I've been a Neopian: every day one of my pets and I stop by the Island Mystic's Hut to get our daily fortune.

by redoakcove
Vision in Sight

"Why did I have to get my mother's eyebrows?" he muttered under his breath...

by flerpers
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The Scoop on Fruit Chias

Now I know what you might be thinking, a fruit pet? You could have a mystical Draik flying around, or maybe a cute Cybunny painted Plushie to hug and squeeze? What can you possibly see in a piece of fruit apart from a healthy snack? (NOTE: I do not condone the eating of any fruit Chia, as this is just wrong! That means you, the Lupes of Neopia). I understand that most fruit Chias are seen as kind of cheesy, and know that apart from a rare FFQ or lucky zap from the Lab Ray, the cheapest fruit Chia is a Chokato (currently at around 2 million NP!) The best way I can describe to you my reasoning for...

Other Stories


On Turning 11 Neo Years Old
I've been looking back at all the things I've seen and done in and around Neopia.

by evile_princess


Adjusting to Life on the Small Side
There are a number of things to keep in mind after your beloved pet becomes a baby again.

by marauder_on_da_loose


That Summer: Part One
"Why does summer have to be so... so..." Bliss the Christmas Uni began. 

"...hot?" asked her older sister Paint, a red Ogrin.

by star_artist_girl


Mr. Jennings Must Die: Part Eight
"You just destroyed his empire," Brexis pointed out. "Thought you might be interested."

by herdygerdy


Gaming Gone Wrong: Feed Florg
He's on a strict diet, you know

Idea by mikh26

by leedom111


Mr. Invisible #2 - ULTIMATE HUNGER!
So that's why!!! O_O

by deathnote

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