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Short Stories

Turning the Tables of Ice

The slick, frozen, treacherous steps leading from Happy Valley to the Ice Caves have made themselves familiar in my mind...

by cotton_1_4
Memory Hunting

"So this is where you dropped it?" Zisse inquired politely, a notebook held firmly in one fin.

by blumen
The Wise and the Musical

Wiselon was one of the youngest lords of Brightvale...

by dave_ofwales
The Black Rose

It all started with a rose...

by catlit262
Say Nothing at All

We say it best, when we say nothing at all.

by jdb1984
The Misadventures of a Neopian Times Reporter

Out of the blue, four years later, I spontaneously decided I was going to do it! I was going to become a freelance journalist!

by kristykimmy

"Come out from behind that rock!"

by candylandtheonomy
The Memoirs of Maeika

I thought my life would end with Tae by my side, but then again, I thought it began that way, too.

by chestnuttiger787
It Was A Reality

The curtains were drawn, and she daren't look outside. She daren't look outside after a certain time in Neovia.

by ceasei
A Day in the Life of an Acara (in her own words)

She had a feeling today was going to be a great day...

by trekkie_54
Whitney Tungsten: The Agent of the Opera

Anyone would think that Tungsten was a regular opera-goer. Which he was. He was also a spy...

by yoyti
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Krawk Day!

Many Neopians are constantly striving to adopt a Krawk for them to adore. A few lucky owners, however, are pleased to be one of a precious few who have the pleasure of having a Krawk (or more!) in their lives. Today is the day that we celebrate these lovable creatures. Celebrations usually aren't much without presents! If you're in a rush to acquire something memorable for your Krawk to delight in today, do not fear. I've compiled a relatively inexpensive list...

Other Stories


Pet Pound Predicament
Everybody hates seeing all those abandoned pets at the pound.

by plushie_freak17


Prizes - Keep, Sell, or Use?
Prizes are awarded for an accomplishment- for doing something deserving of them. But what do you DO with the prize?

by purple_umbreon


The Remnant: Part Eight
All concerns of Mr. Sly and whatever nefarious thing he might be planning were rather far from Lockwood's mind. A ball was being held at Meridell Castle...

by jokerhahaazzz


Worlds Apart: Part Four
Jaden crept down to the kitchens and was filling up a bag with food when she was surprised by a gentle tap on her shoulder.

"You going to pay for that?"

by tanikagillam


Don't Be Fooled

by mooglerz


Blah Blah Blah

by sixpows

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