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New Series

Mae's Mysteries: The Case of the Missing Necklace

"Darkness. Absolute stillness. Distant laughter, the sounds of a party filled with friends catching up and sharing tales of their adventures..."

by satintiger
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"Secret Origins of the Factory" by surging
Many have heard of the fabled Grundo known as “The Grundo Thief” – as if he does not have a name. Brax is his name. And he was a loyal Dr. Sloth minion during the years leading up to the great Grundo independence. Brax wondered how Grundos were supposed to survive without the protection of Dr. Sloth as soon as he initially heard the rumblings of independence. He continued to ponder this for days, even weeks. After much consideration, he decided he would not partake in the quest for independence. He kept his head down and did his work as instructed by his superiors. In the quest for dominance, Dr. Sloth was far and above the best. He was an inspiration. Brax would do whatever it would take to ensure Dr. Sloth and his closest confidants would know him and know the effort he put into the cause. Brax had spent so much of his life idolizing Dr. Sloth and wanted so badly to be among his inner circle. He even lied about his age when he was young just to get a work assignment sooner. He was so eager to work. It was all he ever dreamt about; it was all he ever knew. This always felt like this was his purpose. Independence made no sense and it was foolish to even consider it. While other Grundos were going to secret meetings, training in secret, and preparing for battle for independence Brax was alone. He did not want to participate so naturally his friends drifted further and further away from him until he had no one. That was okay with Brax...

Other Stories


The Missing Shopkeeper
"Kara the Kau was a familiar face for many Neopians. She had managed to do the impossible..."

by orlytheowl


Secret Origins of the Factory
"Many have heard of the fabled Grundo known as 'The Grundo Thief' – as if he does not have a name..."

by surging


The Ripest Mynci Beach Volley Ball Tournament
"This tournament has drawn in Mynci teams from all over Neopia, each one eager to show off their skills and take home the coveted trophy." Collab with daschuffita

by actiontal


To All Returning Players...
"I mean, Neopets offers a variety of activities and it can get overwhelming. So here's a little guide to help to ease the confusion and offer some things to start with." Collab with vanillerrybeitje

by maryannyks


Aboard the Coincidence
Anything can happen. Collab with krowkano

by romina_r


The R.S. Caroosel : Part 5/5 Epilogue
Time to sail into the sunset and roo-turn home.

by keng200

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