Reporting live from Neopia Circulation: 197,101,763 Issue: 963 | 1st day of Swimming, Y24
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"A Day in the Life of a Very Rich Slorg" by cryistalene
Deep in the heart of the Haunted Woods, nestled amongst the dreary blackened foliage, a small moss-covered tree stump can be found. This stump, while it may appear unremarkable at first glance, has a certain charm. Small, speckled mushrooms decorate the top and sides of the stump and a small carved door can be found if one is careful enough to look. Inside this stump, a very small Slorg rests peacefully in a bed of moss. You might be asking yourself “Why am I listening to a story about a Slorg?” and this is a very understandable question.

Other Stories


Bell and the Grym
A little Xweetok meets a legend

by rkbear


The Grey Reporter: Crazed Neopians Flock to Dump
"Following reports of treasure at the Rubbish Dump, thousands of Neopians hoping to strike it rich have descended on the dump. While most left smelly, pockets full of gravel and old croutons, others claim to have found petpets, bottled faeries, paint brushes, and even the fabled dung catapult. Is there truth to these claims? If so, can the average Neopian hope to find success?"

by stellajoy_


The AC: A Wealth of Inexperience
"This year marks the 17th year of the Altador Cup since the kingdom was awoken from its long slumber. That’s 17 years of Yooyu Ball and with it some truly remarkable careers from senior players - such as Krell Vitor of the Haunted Woods, who guided his team to victory the first year of the cup, to Captain Foltaggio, who after many hard-fought years, finally brought his team together to win one for the home team."

by keng200


Moo-vers And Shakers; The Top 5 Kaus of Neopia
"Kaus. Introduced to Neopia in the twenty-sixth day of Swimming, Year Two, and beloved by all who meet them, except maybe a few rude Buzz, ever since."

by spidey897


Live. Play Yooyuball. Repeat.
An Altador Cup captain's sacrifice... collab with rawbeee and imgonnageta

by sunbathr


Don't eat your Neopets! Part 3
Dr Sloth isn't amused! collab with eiligr

by noelia_pets

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