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New Series

Último Minuto: La Rabia del Club Gourmet [Parte 2]

"El Club Gourmet. ¿Quiénes son? ¿Qué están haciendo? Mi nombre es Kadshia y esto otra edición de Último Minuto."

by profebest
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Fill Those Pet Slots: Underappreciated Additions

In Issue 955 of the Neopian Times, I wrote about filling pet slots on a budget. However, I’m sure that there are many more pet slots to be filled across Neopia, so now I’m back to talk about filling pet slots with underappreciated additions. There are some species in Neopia that are less popular, and thus don’t get nearly as much love as, say, Draiks or Aishas, so I’m here to showcase some beautiful examples of underappreciated pets.

Other Stories


Brothers in Stars: Homecoming
"Rain poured from the bleak grey clouds up above, a steady torrent that soaked everything in its path – a large tree, a worn-out picket fence, and even a stone statue of a beautiful Blumaroo with curly hair and a cheery smile that seemed to welcome the rain"

by precious_katuch14


Zix Defends Neopia
"Zix kicked open the front doors of the Defenders HQ and stepped into the entrance with her hands on her hips. Once inside, she announced, 'Defenders of Neopia, say hello to your newest member!'"

by __doctor


Carnival of Terror: An Avatar Collector's Guide
"In the past, I've stuck to guides for games that are skill-based, with at most a modest luck component. Carnival of Terror is not like that."

by costumely


An Interview With Neopia's Largest Shop Owner!
"Using your shop is the way many Neopians sell their items that they get from restocking, dailies, site events, and more. So, we thought: how do the biggest and best shops work? Find out with this exclusive interview from the owner of Neopet’s largest shop - Neopia’s own - 5tar!" collab with Collab with: coconut_rat and corrina404; interviewed 5tar

by theguy2020


Decision Time
Which team are we choosing???

by darkonek


How to Draw: Vandagyre
Okay, I like it, Picasso!

by the_creator12345

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