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New Series

The Music Box

"Are you really leaving, Filo?"

Elon hung in the back of the Maraquan locker room as Filo was saying his goodbyes. Elon was personally thrilled to have the nosy pain-in-the-neck gone, but the others seemed to be upset about it. He wasn't. Not at all. Not in the slightest.

by eracina

Curse Of The Kookith

The tale of a young Blumaroo trying to live up to her parents expectations...

by zuniak
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"The Prince's Decision" by fallingdaybreak
No one had spoken to him. So far, so good. Dinners at the castle always started with the same lecture from his father: “Sit and stand up straight, speak in a loud, clear voice, do this, do that.” It was always the same lecture every time, so much so that Jerreth had grown numb upon hearing it. It was almost as if he was being set up as a good example. But in every lecture, Jerreth explicitly remembered a singular phrase his father repeated: “Try not to embarrass me.” Jerreth sighed silently upon remembering it. Every time he said those cursed words, it sounded as if every move Jerreth made was an embarrassment. He would never please his father, nothing would ever be good enough for him.

Other Stories


Mending Fences
A short tale about forgiveness. Enjoy!

by nick_and_nickette


The Prince's Decision
An unhappy prince of Brightvale makes a choice that would forever decide his future and freedom.

by fallingdaybreak


Unsung Heroes: Stories of Behind the Scenes Neopians
This is the first in a series of interviews conducted with a handful of Neopia’s unsung heroes – those who keep our world spinning (sometimes, quite literally!). From gardeners to engineers, these often thankless jobs are the backbone of the Neopian way of life.

by thebanditrocks


AC Coverage: Catching up with the Players
In an effort to provide the dedicated fans with more information regarding your favourite annual sporting event, the Altador Cup, we sat down with several players for a brief interview about how they have been preparing for this season...

by arcanemon11


Cute Thing

by surgerkitty


Why was the Kau sad?
A crestfallen kau comic

by fizztop

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