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"A nerd finds herself in the Altadorian Archives" by mauveandpurple
Finneus, the Archivist, made his way through the archives, looking for Laura Kasatkina. A scholar-in-training from Brightvale, she began working at the archives a short while ago, endearingly excited about the dauntingly vast library. Finneus was more than glad to nurture a young mind's love for knowledge and literature, but he couldn't help not being anxious when someone ventured into the archives by themselves. He remembered with dread the amount of Neopians who had to have search-and-rescue teams sent after them until the reveal of Altador's true history, after which the ordeal was limited to the poor archive workers. It took a patient soul to work in the Altadorian Archives, someone who did not suffer from both agoraphobia and claustrophobia. He finally found Laura sitting on the marble floor of one of the many rooms in the library, a stack of books on her side, a stack of papers one her other side, and a paper between her white paws.

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A nerd finds herself in the Altadorian Archives
Laura starts working at the Archives and talks Finneus' ears off.

by mauveandpurple


Kismet's "Easy" Job
“It will be an easy job,” she said, Kismet thought with a groan as he stared at the fourteen swords pointing at his face.

by lugal222


Games to Challenge Neopia’s Wordsmiths
Do you fancy yourself a wordsmith? Do anagrams make you as jolly as a JubJub? Do you yearn to improve your vocabulary (or simply to show off your spelling skills)? If your answer to each of these was an enthusiastic “yes!” then I am happy to report that Neopets has a library of word games that can possibly match your library of books!

by privateuniverse


Choosing a Petpet to match your lifestyle
How to choose the right Petpet for your lifestyle!

by ratty170170


Pet reactions in the sidebar
Part 2 also by aelli

by kadfisch


Spot the Difference
When you see it

by winner19955

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