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New Series

Harker's Story

So. You want to know how this story began. Of course you do. I’d want to know too, if I were sitting on your side of the table.

by tanikagillam
Avatar Goldmine

Congratulations! Meggily now has increased Level! Rysony rolled his eyes. How many more times in his life would he have to hear the Techo Master repeat this chant?

Edited by rabbits_forever and lil_red_raider

by wizzkid_

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"But I'm Just a Grape" by amsurito
Let me introduce myself. I’m Brannigan Leo, but you can call me Brannigan… or Leo. Actually, I’ll respond to anything, as I really enjoy attention. Anyway, I’m a Grape Chia. I usually hate grape-flavored things, but Magical Chia Pops have a certain sweetness to them that leaves you licking your fingers- I think. I actually don’t have any fingers anymore because I’m a grape. I’m still getting used to this transformation, but being tiny is generally pretty awesome, and my morning breath smells like grape juice. I have three sisters. They’re much older than me. My owner, Amsurito, has been around for a long time. She often tells me of the olden days, back when Faerieland rested on a magical cloud in the sky (absurd concept) and some weird board game was all the rage- what was it called again? Key Quest or something? Anyway, things have changed a lot in Amsurito’s time. Kejolica was her first pet, from back in Y12 (the olden days). Kejolica, despite being ancient, is actually a baby because she was blasted by a Baby Bruce named Boochi, which is a long story. Anyway, the point is that my sisters are all elderly and should probably be painted with an elderly paint brush..

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But I'm Just a Grape
I’m sharing this story because I think that there are probably plenty of Neopets out there, or even their owners, who experience something similar.

by amsurito


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Neopia's hottest real estate market

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There's always room for dessert!

Idea by Malphd

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