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New Series

The Dark Detective

“Dark. Dark, wake up. Dark!”

by tanikagillam
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"The Dark Detective " by tanikagillam
"Dark. Dark, wake up. Dark!” “What?” The Darigan Draik kicked his legs out from underneath him in surprise, and tumbled from the couch onto the floor. “Elena – what?” A pink Cybunny was hovering above him, her pretty face an inch from his. And she looked crazed, her eyes wide and her fur sticking up on end like static. “Dark!” “I’m awake! Stop shouting at me.” “Dark, this is an emergency.” “It had better be. I was dreaming I was the Lord of Jelly World.” “There’s no such thing as Jelly World,” the Cybunny scoffed as she sat down on the floor beside him. The Draik blinked his sleepy eyes at her as she held up an orange Meepit. “That is a Meepit.” “As succinct as ever, Dark.” Elena rolled her eyes and shook the Meepit vigorously at him. It looked mildly unimpressed. “This is Sebastian.” “Sebastian… as in your sister’s petpet Krawk, Sebastian?” Dark was starting to get a very bad feeling about this. “Elena – what did you do?” “It was an accident! I was just trying to make him orange!” Dark looked at the Meepit and screwed up his nose. “Well, you got half of it right.” “Lis is going to kill me.” “Yes, probably.” Dark was slightly unnerved by how the Meepit was staring at him without blinking. “I thought you turned him purple last week, anyway.”

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